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  1. Special

    These achievements are typically granted to a single member or group.

    My Idea

    This achievement is bestowed upon those members whose ideas were used to improve this website. As helpful as they were though, they're probably still a menace to society.

    Failed Experiment

    I'll bend the world to our will, and we'll make time stand still. That's the plan. Rule the world. You and me. Any day. With promises of cake and power, these users were lured into the dark world of forum moderation and maintenance. The parties were grand; filled with strippers and booze. Such responsibilities were the undoing of some. They flamed out spectacularly, like dying supernovae. Some simply faded away into the background. Some are still locked in the closet. They are marked to celebrate and remember the quest: The Failed Experiment. Also, as it turns out; untruths were told about the supposed moist fluffy confections.