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Nov 21, 2008
Okay, so, post your character sheets here. Remember, there's only one requirement: So long as they're soldiers in the ship's Marines, which is basically the only infantry the ship has, and they resemble a soldier to some degree, go for it.

Without further ado, the skeletons. Be sure to add anything you feel you need to.


Character Name:
Character Gender:
Description: (What do you look like. Go into as much detail as possible.)
Civilian relationships (Pre-Exodus): (Basically, civilian friends or family before the Harbingers appeared.)
Civilian relationships aboard the ship:
Military relationships (Pre-Exodus):
Military relationships aboard the ship:
Background: (What were you doing on Vega IV when the Harbingers attacked?)
Weapons of Choice: (Any weapon from the early 21st century can be found in the Armory, and ammunition is in large supply. Though most sniper rifles are deemed off-limits to basic infantry, assault rifles are free-reign, and LMG's can be requisitioned by a single squad member. I.E. any assault rifle from modern days is allowed, and all LMG's are available to the squad's support gunner. Several models of pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun are also available, but are ill-advised against the Harbingers. Also, all infantry are issued a pistol of their choosing, using any caliber of ammunition. Also, standard issue assault rifle for most infantry is the M8 Multiple Weapons Platform Assault Rifle.)

Okay, so since being a soldier is very limiting in creativity, I'm also going to allow for "Conscripted Soldiers," which are basically civilians that have volunteered to fight alongside the soldiers with some of the........Less standard weapons and tactics of choice that the standard military uses. These conscripts aren't issued standard military uniforms or armor, and so are allowed to piece together whatever clothes and accessories they want, and add on any bits and pieces of armor they find from the Harbingers. Most squads are comprised of half conscripts and half soldiers, allowing for diverse battlefield tactics. So here's the sheets.


Description: (Be sure to describe what they look like in detail.)
Relations before Exodus:
Relations aboard the ship:
Weapons of Choice: (Conscripts are often issued the "Militia weapons" from Earth's past: AK's, Uzi's, RPD's, RPG-7's, anything that was cheap and easy to buy in bulk in the past. Most of these weapons are considered to be "Non-military" in the eyes of real soldiers, so only the Conscripts really use them.)

Out of Universe Character Sheets

As time progresses, I'll be adding in new formats to this list. They'll go here. If you have an idea for a universe and homeworld and want to bring in a character from that homeworld, PM me and we can work out how to bring that character in, and how to set up a character sheet for that character.
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Feb 16, 2011
Re: Character Sheets

Character Name: Sgt. Aelin Lapelle
Character Gender: Male
Description: Aelin is a normal human male, he has trained his body hard to meet and surpass the physical requirements to enlist. Coming from a rich family, the son of a wealthy weapons manufacturer, Aelin was expected to take up the helm of the business from his Father. Always looking to the stars though Aelin decided that he would much rather travel the universe and see as much of it as he could. The military seemed the easiest way to achieve his goals, disowned and excommunicated by his father and his mother dead from some years earlier he had no access to his funds or connections and had to enlist at grunt level. After several years of working his way through the ranks he had just hit promotion and was due to be transferred to the squad when they were ordered onto the vast new ship.
Civilian relationships (Pre-Exodus): Zander, father. Francesca, sister.
Civilian relationships aboard the ship: None.
Military relationships (Pre-Exodus): Pvt. Rigoris, friend from old squad. Cpt. Naismith, officer who saw Lapelle in action and decided to move him to a more elite squad.
Military relationships aboard the ship: Unknown.
Background: Awaiting transfer to new squad.
Weapons of Choice: Standard issue assault rifle with undermounted grenade launcher. .45 cal pistol (Desert Eagle style)
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Character Sheets


Character Name: Staff Sgt. Terra "Deadeye" Bridgetower
Character Gender: Female
Just like this, only the shirt is not unzipped.
Terra stands about 5'7"-5'9" inches tall. She has long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She wears a typical military uniform, with long fingerless gloves, and leather boots.
Terra was born the only daughter in a family of four boys. She was also the youngest child. Her brothers were always given the most attention and praise growing up, and she eventually felt left behind and neglected by her parents. This would lead her to rebelling against her family and other authorities. To spite her parents and in a cry of attention she had sex with a boy in the school restrooms at age 16. She would run with the wrong crowd, girls who went out with several boys and smoke and drink. On her 18th birthday, she went out partying with her friends and got drunk and started smoking marijuana. Adage left the party she was severely under the influence and got into a car accident, running into a ditch and flipping the car over. In the hospital, marijuana and alcohol were detected in her blood. Furious her parents sent her off to military school. Her attitude and problems with authorities would continue there as well. She would find her self in the brig and in trouble several times, until she was placed under the tutelage of general Harris, and eventually servant Stukov. These two men would help her find a healthy way to work through her hard shell and find her place in the military. As her training continued, she eventually found her knack in marksmanship, winning several compitetions and the respect of her peers. She was eventually nicknamed "Deadeye" and was promoted to Staff Sgt. . Upon the attack of the harbringers, she was quickly assigned to the Vegas IV to provide support to the men and women enlisted in the fight for humanity.
Civilian Relationships (Pre-Exodus): Richard- father, Suzan- Mother, Steve- brother, Mark- brother, Craig- brother, Hal- brother.
Civilian Relationships aboard the ship: None at present
Military Relationships (Pre exodus): Lt. Greenwall (First CO), Private Rickenson (friend in first company), Sgt. Mertchill (marksmanship instructor), Sgt. Stukov (mentor).
Military Relationships aboard the ship: Sgt. Stukov
Background: Chosen to assist on the Vegas IV for excellent aim and performance.
Weapons of choice: Modified SCAR- H (4x scope,silencer, foldable and portable tripod mounting, night and infrared vision, sabout armor piercing rounds and grenade launcher under attachment), .45 magnum handgun, survival knife.,
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Nov 14, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

Name: Captain Kenji "Armada" Aramada

Gender: Male

Description: 2m 98kg Though he is of mixed race, (Asian and Caucasian) he resembles more a tanned American than a Half Japanese normally would... Clean shaven and close trim, he keeps his appearance up to Marine standards...

Civilian Relations before Exodus: Fiance- Kiyomi Tsumura (Presumed Deceased), Mother- Glenda Aramada (Presumed Deceased), Father- Tosho Aramada (Presumed Deceased), Brother/Twin- Kenzo Aramada (Unknown)

Civilian Relations aboard the ship: None of Note

Military Relations before Exodus: Naval Brass (Mutual dislike) LCPL. Charlie Deltox (Field Medic, Generally klutzy)

Military Relations aboard the ship: Few grunts he's worked with in the past, can't recall any names, but recognises the faces...

Background/Bio:Kenji was a Marine, and always felt more assured in a fight when his boots were groundside... Spacebattles were too easily swayed, too many accidents... And it only takes one to nab you in the ass... Kenji had a knack for finding himself in these situations, and with mixed feelings to his superiors, Surviving them...

As reflected by his many promotions and nearly plentiful Demotions coloring his Service Record as someone that CAN and WILL get the job done... But has one pending court marshall... Due to Insubordination, and AWOL charges... Both of which, was to save a sqadron from a prolonged firefight against previously unknown UHT (Unidentified Hostile Terrestrial) As His charge, Grey team was already called back, he found brown team was still under pressure, when Grey Team was deeper cover to begin with... And took Grey to cover the retreat... Earning both teams respect, but the CO's wrath...

A person who will try to save everyone, not just the ones within arms reach, it was his reason for joining the Marines... His reason for being, and his big stick with his late fiance, during his homestays, he wouldn't let up on his daily workout routine, enjoying the feeling of grass underfoot, earthen smells, actuall sunlight, unrecycled air and most of all... Kiyomi's laugh... Everything most Earthbound Civvies take for granted he ran with her through even with her complaining about getting fat, she was a magnificent sight to behold... Pure and innocent, and Kenji adored everything about her...

Kenji lays awake some nights pondering... Hoping that what ever this ship is doing, it does it fast... Regardless as to what the Computer presumes she may still be alive, scores of people may still be alive... Leaving the planet to the Harbingers was the Hardest thing he's ever done... Now for the hardest thing he's gonna do... Take Vega 4 back...

Weapons of Choice: MG36K, (Enhanced magnification internal reflex scope : 2.4x, enlongated Barrel, and Recoil Absorbing Stock Shredder Rounds Underslung guncam) M1911A5, (Undermounted FlashLaser, Extended Mag w/ Bullet cap, Sledgehammer Rounds)


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Nov 11, 2010
Re: Character Sheets

Character Name: Sgt. Niles Zod
Character Gender: Male
Civilian relationships (Pre-Exodus): Father: Michael, Mother: Amy, 8 brothers, 5 sisters, all missing, presumed dead.
Civilian relationships aboard the ship: Girlfriend Kara Kjarsten, a young mother of two. A 3 year old boy, Jeff, and a 2 year old girl, Jessie.
Military relationships (Pre-Exodus): Officers: must be constantly nanny-ed. Corporal Alicia Devries: an up and coming star soldier that needs to get the best training (mentor).
Military relationships aboard the ship: None of note, as this is a new assignment, and Niles is still learning his team and command staff.
Background: Niles was leading a squad of marines on a standard recon patrol when the word came for instant dustoff.
Weapons of Choice: .50 Caliber pistol, tomahawk, bowie knife, Grenades (HE, Frag, FlashBang, Phosphorous), M-16A4 Assault Rifle
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character Sheets


Name: Dr Chesse James
Gender: Male
Description: Is a scientist strong build young man he had silver hair and red eyes, with a high IQ that ussually dont use as he lost easily his focus in divage or watching something more, he had discovered many ussefull things in his research live in a distant planet, for some reason nobody know when he born or what was he doing in that planet until the aliens destroy the planet, he is a research in genetic and macatronic areas and 4 years ago he started to train himself in military tactics and self defense,. Thanks to the destiny he was saved by the army and now live getting bored in the ship, so he decide to join the army
Relations before Exodus: He was the master mind of a big secret laboratory who get destroyed, only two other survivors escape with him two weird girls that are like his only family left, his name was realy know but now that nearly all the remaining humans are in the ship make the fame unnesesary
Relations aboard the ship: He is a very reserve person, ussually is called to solve mechanical problems or help the injured soldiers even when he is not really a doctor of that kind
Background/Bio: Nobody know (i dont know-_-)
Weapons of Choice: RPD's, RPG-7's,
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

Type: Artificial Intelligence
Designation: VI-E71-62257
Code Name: Ariok

Purpose: Currently the AI controlling the planet ship on which the fleet is based, Home Ship. Originally used to regulate communication between planet-side squads and individuals as a personal AI.

Appearance: Being an AI, Ariok has no real body, but he can use a holographic interface to create a miniature human simulacra, which he uses to aid in communication with human crew members. The image displayed is that of a thin, robed man carrying a staff, his head bald and his form twisted with age. One eye is perpetually shut, while the other is overly large. His head is completely bald, and his face is badly wrinkled, with a single long scar protruding down the left side of his virtual face.

Prime Directives:
1) Preserve the lives of the crew.
2) Eradicate the Harbingers.
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

Character Name: Linda Zimmerman
Character Gender: Female
Description: Stands around 5'8 with a stocky but graceful build. Brown eyes and black hair, an angular face with a fair amount of freckles.
Civilian relationships (Pre-Exodus): Tobias (Husband), small number of family friends.
Civilian relationships aboard the ship: None to speak of, though there is a small group that gets together to drink when they find each other in the canteen.
Military relationships (Pre-Exodus): None of import. She's friendly enough, but keeps to herself when on duty.
Military relationships aboard the ship: See above.
Background: Was just arriving for leave when word of the harbinger attack arrived and everyone packed back up to the ship. Got word to her husband to go dark just before she left, they lived in a remote cottage in the woods, so she holds out hope that he's gotten by unnoticed.
Weapons of Choice:
-The C8CT Designated Marksman's Rifle. This variant is designed to provide accurate engagement up to 600 m, while providing system commonality to other fielded weapons. They have two-stage match triggers and weighted stocks to counterbalance the heavy 20-inch (508 mm) free-floating barrel surrounded by a tubular forestock. A removable bipod, rails for designators, sling, etc. attach to that forestock. A special, distinctive pistol grip is fitted for the user and the C7-style buttstock can be adjusted with shims. Sound suppressors are also fitted for stealth operations. It fires a standard 7.62mm assault rifle round and has a 30-round clip, making it easy to trade clips in the field.
-Beretta 90two. Fires 9mm parabellum rounds, 17-round clip. Held in a shoulder holster underneath the left arm, 3 spare clips under the right arm.


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

All of these sheets are hereby approved!


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Feb 13, 2011
Re: Character Sheets

Character name: Heinrich Strunsee
Gender: Male
Description: A blonde man with green eyes. He measures 5 ft 9 in. He is quite muscular. When he was young his parents died. He lived in an orphanage until 13. From there he ran off and joined a band of mercenaries.
Civilian relationships pre exodus: No parents lost at a young age.
Civilian relationship aboard ship: Haven't gotten close with anyone.
Military relationship pre exodus: Jason Green mercenary, and Mathias Black mercenary.
Miltary relationship on ship: Haven't gotten close with anyone.
Background/bio: When Heinrich was young his parents died. He lived in an orphanage until 13. From there he ran off and joined a band of mercenaries. He traveled with this band of mercenaries, and traveled Vegas IV. a few months later the Harbringers attacked killing his fellow mercenaries. From that point on Heinrich joined the military to fight.
Weapon of choice: AK47


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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

Name: Grantham ‘Grant’ Whithelm
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Description: Grant stands at 5' 7", black hair that comes to just below his ears and is eternally messy and has deep blue eyes. For missions Grant wears a suit he had stolen. The suit is a multi-segmented black form fitting full body armour with a helmet. When opened the face plate of the armour slides up and over to reveal Grants face, the face plate itself has several bands of red lights stretching across its surface.When not on missions Grant normally wears a white shirt, dress pants and boots.

Unfortunately the ship is in irrepairable damage and doesn't have long left before its engines go critical.

Battle Suit - A prototype suit that was issued to Grant and the rest of his squad. (Think something like Master Chiefs or Shepards armour though form fitting)
|_ Augmented defence: The armour can take slightly more punishment than regular armour due to the wire mesh armour plating and shock absorbers built in however if it takes too much damage the systems will shut down for a while.
|_ Assisted Targetting: With a built-in computer Grants suit can assist him in targetting, making his shots that much more accurate in a chaotic gun fight.
|_ Shock Absorbers: The legs of the suit have built in shock absorbers that, so long as Grant lands feet first can protect him from drops upto 100 feet, however there's a high possibility that at that height or above it they will break and will either need to be replaced or repaired.
|_ Oxygen Storage: The suit is built to store about thirty minutes worth of oxygen in case the wearer needs to go into space for whatever reason.
|_ Magnetised Boots: The soles of the suits boots are magnetised which allows Grant to freely traverse the exterior of ships, or even walk up the interior walls if he wants to.
Weapons Training - Grant is trained in pistols, LMG's and Shotguns with pistols being his main firearm of choice. He is also trained in the use of a laser sword.
CQC - Grant is trained in basic close quarters combat.
Weapons of Choice:
Modified Pistol - A pistol personally modified by Grant. Thanks to the modifications it can take any form of clip fed ammunition however because of this it needs almost constant maintenance.
Laser Sword - Makes light work of unarmoured and fleshy targets, though it can do quite a bit of damage to the armoured or mechanical variety of foes as well. It's quite heavy due to the power node built-in to keep the blades charged so most of Grant's attacks are of the slow and violent variety. Best keep out of his way when he starts swinging it around. The blades can also absorb some energy-type attacks.
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