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Feb 4, 2011
Create your character here using this sheet:

Type Preference:

Name: Ridley Aero
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Starter: Vulpix {Female; Flare}
Hometown: Fallarbor Town
Personality: Calm and laid-back
Appearance: Medium length hair, green eyes, with sortof a bedhead hairstyle, and about 5'11" height. Wears khaki pants, a grey T-shirt, with a brown trenchcoat.
Bio: ?
Type Preference: Ground
Notes: Ridley's Vulpix was obtained from an Egg and knows the move Energy Ball.
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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Jack Landers
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Starter: Torchic
Hometown: Lavaridge
Personality: Kind, with a "Golden Rule" attitude. Overprotective of his pokemon. Nasty temper.
Appearance: Jack stands at about 5'10", has brown hair styled in a crew cut, and generally wears a white muscle shirt and black cargo pants. His arms and legs are buff from working out, though his central torso is lacking the same level of physical fitness, as he only runs and does push-ups. His eyes are blue, and his teeth seem to have a slight yellowing to them for some reason.
Type Preference: Fire
Bio: Jack was born and raised under the fiery slopes of Mt. Chimney, and had to adapt to his role in the town of Lavaridge at a young age. He normally does all the heavy lifting around town, as well as patrols Route 112 to keep it safe for travelers. Since he found his Torchic, however, he's begun wondering if he should become a trainer at the gym to better protect the town, and so he set off to Littleroot Town.
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Feb 13, 2011
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Ty Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Starter: Ghastly (Marco)
Hometown: Lilycove city
Personality: Happy, and helpful. He will help people who are in need.
Appearance: Ty is 5,11 with short black wavy hair, with green eyes. He has a lanky build, from not doing much working out. He wears a brown coat, green shirt with jeans.
Bio: When he was young he went on a trip with his family to Mt. Pyre. Here he found how much he liked ghost pokemon after catching a ghastly. A few years later he found himself ready to begin his journey, So he left for Littleroot Town.
Type Preference: Ghost, but he will use any.
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Nov 12, 2008
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Kiko Weyridge
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Starter: Shuckle "Shuckie"
Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto
Personality: Kiko is a gentle girl who likes bugs. She'll become very irate if she sees anyone harming bug Pokemon for no reason. ((Some new stuff I just came up with: She's rather ditzy, has a terrible sense of direction, and seems to like acting mysterious, a feat she usually fails at.))
Appearance: Kiko is kind of short for her age, just barely 5' tall, and often gets mistaken for being much younger, helped by her wardrobe choices. She likes dressing in a Gothic Lolita fashion, helped by her black hair and pale complextion. She has blue eyes.
Bio: Kiko was raised in Kanto, but didn't start thinking about becoming a trainer until she traveled to Johto once the magnet train was completed. She was given a Shuckle egg by a man in Cianwood city and she's kept him with her wherever she goes. Recently she's decided to travel to Hoenn to see what bug pokemon she can find there.
Type Preference: Bug
Notes: Kiko also has a love of berry juice and has a small business making and selling the stuff made by Shuckie.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Characters Thread

Name:Xiang nom
Age: 15
Starter: Bagun
Hometown:Goldenrod City
Personality: Xiang is easy goin and ussualy try to make all throught the easy path, but when the time require it, he make his best to solve any problem
Appearance: 5\11 tall, with sienna hair and purple eyes, he ussualy use a match of colors between royal blue and black, with a mantle to cover his head
Bio: He is a student of the town, raised to train and live with dragons even when was just starting to walk, suddenly was time to leave his town in his pokemon journey, even when he had already forgot it until his parents rememberr him, so he leave his town with a quick made backpack and his childhood friend bagon, thinking that if he need something more the world will give it to him or will earn it in some pokebattles.
Type Preference: Steel
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Kiyo Watubashi
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Starter: Nincada
Hometown: Fuschia City
Personality: Kiyo is a very cool even tempered type of person. He never rushes into a situation rashly or without thinking. He has been trained as a ninja in Kogas gym and Fuschia city since he was eight. He is very fond of bug and poison types but also has an appreciation of dark and ghost types as well. He also believes in the golden rule, though he as a ninja he is naturally wary and somewhat standoffish at first meeting. He also likes to try to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove undeserving of it.
Appearance: Kiyo stands about 5'9" tall with a slim but fit and wiry build due to his ninja training. He wears a typical black/dark colored ninja gi with a headdress and mask covering his face unless it gets to be too hot for it. He has dark brown hair slicked backed, and slim slanted dark blue eyes.
Type Preference:Bug/poison, but also likes dark/ghost types as well.
Notes: He carries a grappling hook, smokebombs, climbing claws, and caltrops inside his backpack.


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May 22, 2011
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Syl

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Starter: Ralts "Rynne" (F)

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Personality: Syl is a very gentle and sickly girl. She's friendly, and dislikes needless conflict. Enjoys learning and reading.

Appearance: Syl isn't very tall, standing about 5'2". She isn't very athletic due to her sickly nature, and often has to rest more than the average person. She usually just wears a white button-up shirt and a graceful black, ankle-length prairie skirt with black shoes. Her black hair reaches just a bit past her shoulders, and remains neatly kept. Her complexion is of a fair pale, and her eyes are a weak and gentle red.

Bio: Born and raised in Goldenrod City, she lost both of her parents due to an accident when she was 14. She was left in the care of her aunt in Rustboro City in the Hoenn Region. She has always been a rather un-athletic and sickly individual, but still insists that she go out and see the Hoenn region to learn more about the pokemon and people. She inspires to write her own book one day.

Type Preference: Psychic, but it really doesn't matter.
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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Benton 'Ben' Reid
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Starter: Shroomish (M; Shitake)
Hometown: Celadon City
Personality: Benton is normally easy going, taking each day as it comes and generally a relaxed person. However if he gets an idea in his mind or is working towards a goal people will find it difficult to get him to change his mind. And if someone challenges him he won't back down no matter how much the odds are stacked against him, unless it would mean actual harm to his Pokemon or friends.
Appearance: A little under 5' with a slender frame Benton is often mistaken for being younger than he actually is. Deep emerald eyes with a thick mop of black, shaggy hair that seeems to refuse to bow down to a good brushing. Normally found wearing clothes that'll hold up well while travelling as well as being weather appropriate; hoodies, fitting though comfortable pants, sturdy boots etc... all of which is stored in his tightly packed backpack. Also carries some rations (ex. trail mix and bottled water) and a bedroll should he find himself out in the wilderness at night.
Bio: Benton lived much of his unremarkable and generally normal life in Celadon city, only travelling out of the region at the age of ten for a month to visit a relative in Hoenn. Finding the young boy to be such an inquisitive and active individual his relative gave Benton a Pokemon egg when they were heading back to Kanto.
Not long after they got back home the egg hatched and out popped a Shroomish. Ever since then Benton hasn't been seen with his Shroomish, Shitake by his side.
At the age of fifteen the boy decided that he wanted to become a trainer and so learnt of the ways of grass-type Pokemon in Erika's gym. Once he turned seventeen Benton decides to travel. His parents, knowing that once their son has an idea in his head it would be foolish to try and stop him allow him to leave. The young man decided to head to Hoenn, partly to visit his relatives grave and partly to travel with Shitake, visiting his Pokemon's homeland.
Type Preference: Grass
Notes: Shitake has the ability Toxic Heal and the attack Seed Bomb. On his travels Benton makes money by selling Shitakes spores, mostly to people who find it hard to sleep.


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Jul 6, 2011
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Charles Barkwood
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Starter: Totodile (Jaws)
Hometown: Dewford Town
Personality: Smart, and curious, Charles examines the world around him, questioning why pokemon exist, and what purpose they serve, other than just playthings for the humans. He is protective of his pokemon, and hates to see them get hurt.
Appearance: Fluffy red hair, slim and tall, with a bridge of freckles over his nose. Pretty much always has a smile on his face, unless his pokemon is hurt.
Bio: Living in Dewford Town, Charles didn't have much experience with pokemon, until he found an injured Totodile out in a storm one night. Taking him in, he nursed him back to health, and the two formed a special bond, learning and growing form one another. He hopes to one day be a pokemon researcher, and looks up to pokemon professors with great admiration. With this in mind, he has begun traveling, compiling research on the different types of pokemon.
Type Preference: Water/Bird, but is open to trying new kinds.
Notes: Carries a series of notes around with him, constantly jotting down new observations in the journals that reside in his backpack.
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Crystal
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Starter: Dratini (F)
Hometown: Blackthorn City

Personality: Quiet, shy and withdrawn. Loves people and crowds, but hates being the center of attention.
Appearance: Thin and wiry, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes and long, straight, raven black hair. Tends to wear hoodies and jeans, or other large, baggy, nondescript clothing.

Bio: Crystal spent her younger years growing up in a town where nearly everyone raised Dragon pokemon. The gym leader in town used them, they had a history of pokemon league champions from there, all with dragon pokemon. Almost every child growing up there wanted to be just like them, Crystal included. She was either more pragmatic or more cynical than most of the others, however. She knew that with so many other dragon trainers around, there was almost no way she'd be able to stand out. So when her parents gave her an egg of her own that would soon be her first pokemon, she decided to bide her time and not go and try to fight everyone in town. Instead, she saved up her money and bought a trip for herself and her newly-hatched dratini to another continent entirely, in the hopes of founding her own legend where there wouldn't be so many other dragon trainers to have to compete with.

Type Preference: Dragon
Notes: Crystal's Dratini was hatched from an egg, and knows the move Dragon Dance as a result. Crystal also has no pokeball for Dratini, they travel with the pokemon wrapped around her under the baggy clothes, occasionally sharing the neckspace so Dratini can see what is going on as well.


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Aug 9, 2011
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Tycho Kotetsu
Gender: male

Age: 20

Starter: Aron(male; Nails)

Hometown: Dewford Town

Personality: Stubborn and energetic

Appearance: 6ft. tall, Green eyes, White short hair rather spiky, Blue Shirt, Grey cargo pants, Black Fleece jacket

Bio: Growing up Tycho always admired the kids who got to wander the countryside having their own pokemon adventures meeting new friends and trying to become a pokemon master. His parents constantly moved around so he could never get started on his own adventure 'til now. While visiting his hometown of Dewford he chanced across a wild aron at the beach. The two stared at each other long and hard both just as afraid of what the other would do. Then Tycho looked, smiled and asked straight out "won't you be my partiner?". And that's how he decided to finally start his adventure!

Type preferences: Steel, Psychic
Nov 22, 2009
Re: Characters Thread

Name: Max Night
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Starter: Sneasel F (Nikki)

Hometown: Mahogany Town

Personality: Polite, loyal, and hard to anger.

Appearance: 4' 6" Short black heir, blue t-shirt, black pants and Grey shoes.

Bio: Max was a small child for his age growing up in Mahogany town with only his mother. On his tenth birthday, he was given a dark type pokemon egg, as was tradition for his family. After hatching, he saw that it was a Sneasel but she was smaller then normal (only getting to 2' tall) but he did not care. After a few more years at home they set out for Hoenn to prove that even the small can be strong.

Type Preference: Any

Notes: Only picks pokemon the look like they can be fast or graceful.
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