Jul 5, 2010
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Why did you employ Villager then in the first place? XD

As for the maid, she is one of my favorite characters in anything ever, Roberta from Black Lagoon. If you do anime or manga in any real capacity, please go read/watch that series.
"Black Lagoon suuuuuucks!
I hate you!
And I hate all the bands you like!"

*rebel Rena uprising*

I've heard the title "Black Lagoon" several times by now, but meh....never got interested. I only looked up a little bit of information about it, but what I read didn't appeal to me. With anime in general, I haven't watched too much lately. I do have season 1 and 2 of "Nisekoi" here on my laptop that I could watch (I started watching in the past, but stopped at like episode four due to anime-watching-burnout), but first I'm rewatching all the Batsu Games - that takes enough time as it is! Also I wonder what this year's Batsu game's theme is going to be. :cool:

Oh, and I should finish watching the ponies season 7, and maybe give their newer movies a shot too. As much as it is agonizingly boring to be here in the hospital, I do get some serious series-and-movie watchtime I usually wouldn't have. XD
Also grabbed a movie named "Sekigahara" last night, since Stuffie has the hots for samurais at the moment. Ratings were mediocre, but that was also the case for "The Great Wall" which I kinda like a lot, so we'll see. I talk too much! *grabs slice of cake and just sits there, nomming*

Guan Yu

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Sep 4, 2009
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*flips Stuffie's bed*

Iunno, the boyos will figure something out surely. Tho I gotta say I was not too impressed with the repeat police theme, even if it was meant to be different with the Murka part.


Jul 5, 2010
958 100 GOT...for real this time!

*rotates in the air after Gaun bed flip*
*rotates faster and faster instead of getting slower*
*digitizes into helicopter and flies away*

You don't like fluffy butts? :/
That princess has way too many kinks, she forgot about the really good things in life. ;3
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