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May 21, 2012
Hi all, been a lurker a few years back so i thought i should contribute something back to the community after freeloading various games. As a CC lover I thought I should share it since its not widely available here. I know there is an old thread somewhere deep but I think a fresh new one would be great.

Summary: Crimson Comics is known for creating flash games or doujins that is 99% rape or maybe netorare as long as i can remember for popular anime characters or own characters.

Main page is

Dancing Queen used to make flashes out of CC's doujins but they have stopped years back but here is a link to their old creations

For starters ill upload CC's latest game that is Taimashi Mikoto
Info :

Link :


will upload more in time to come

P.S. i tried using mega as a means but it keeps having require the decryption key to continue dling, does any1 know how to remove it?
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Demon Girl
Nov 30, 2013
Re: Crimson Comics Collection

Mediafire moves quick, it hasn't even been ten minutes and they've already taken the file down.


Demon Girl Pro
May 21, 2012
Re: Crimson Comics Collection

try copy pasting the link to a new tab and not directly clicking on the link


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Jul 4, 2011
Re: Crimson Comics Collection

Mediafire moves quick, it hasn't even been ten minutes and they've already taken the file down.
No they haven't. Mediafire is clever enough to inspect referrer information. When someone clicks a hyperlink from a known pirate site (such as ULMF or Hongfire) then Mediafire puts up a fake "file not found" error. If the file generates a lot of those messages then it gets flagged as suspicious and they may take it down for real (especially if the filename shows obvious copyright infringement, such as a DLSite RJ###### code).

If you see a MediaFire link, just copy-paste it into your address bar. You'll get your download, and the shared file will (hopefully) survive a bit longer.

Guan Yu

Staff member
Sep 4, 2009
Re: Crimson Comics Collection

Here you go, fuckers. Pretty much everything I have in Mega DLs, collected into little categories of my choice. Not going to split these into smaller ones and not going to upload to some other shit DL service, so don't ask about that. This was enough of a chore to do for no good reason.

But whatever, here is the list of links and the description of what each one has in them.

Black Cat Games
This contains Black Cat Battle, Sefiria Fight and Sefiria Dice Battle.

DQ Fights
This contains DQ Desire, DQ Fight, DQ Fight 2 and DQ Nightmare. DQ stands for Dragon Quest, so you know the characters to expect in these games. Delicious Jessica.

Ecstasy Series
This contains Ecstasy Break, Ecstasy KO, Fighting of Ecstasy, Fighting of Ecstasy 2009 and Fighting of Ecstasy 2010. Various fighting game chicks in these. Always liked that they put Ayane of DOA and Asuka of Tekken into one of these.

FF Fight series
This contains FF Fight, FF Fight Desire, FF Fight Omega, FF Fight Ultimate and FF Fight Ultimate 2. All Final Fantasy, these.

J-Girl Fights
This contains all three J-Girl Fight titles. Various Crimson favorite ladies fight it out in turn-based RPG battles. Gotta catch em all.

J-Girl Trains
All three J-Girl Train games. Again, favorite girls of the artist, but in train grope, or chikan, situations.

Misc J-Girl
The remaining few J-Girl titles. J-Girl Impulse (I think this is a One Piece game) and J-Girl Ecstasy along with Girls Fight.

Kanzen Series
This has a fair few ones. Kanzen FF, Kanzen Koryaku 5, Kanzen Koryaku DQ, Kanzen Koryaku Tifa SP, Kanzen Koryaku Tifa and Kanzen Koryaku Yuna.

Sexial Battles
No, that is not a type, they are really called that. Sexial Battle, Sexial Battle D and Sexial Battle D2. The first one uses Bleach girls, the other two are Dragon Quest again.

Teikosuru Tifa 1&2
Two games with Tifa getting captured and used. Not particularly impressive in gameplay but Tifa makes up for it.

Misc Works
This one has two Crimson original titles, Crimson Girls and Crimson Queen. Besides those, I also threw the E-Animation Shiranui Mai in there.

Misc Works 2
More original titles. Crimson Amalilith (I think it's called that), Crimson Rose and Crimson Spider.

If somebody wants to make a torrent or provide alternative links, feel free to share, I dun mind. Fully expecting these to appear in some money-leeching shit sites soon enough anyways. Also, I have a fair number of Dancing Queen animated doujin/game things. If there is enough interest, I could throw those out too.
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