Does this kind of thing exist?

Nov 20, 2014
I'm wondering if this kind of video exist, a woman who is in an accident and becomes comatose. Meanwhile she finds out that she's having an out of body experience. Confused, scared, and curious as to where she is, the woman leaves her room exploring the hospital and begins to joke around in various ways even going so far as to act like she's flashing the staff, until she catches the attention of one patient who can see her. Typing this out I want to go into to much detail but I don't think people want to read that so I'll get to the point. Patient becomes interested in "Ghost" and over hears her talking to herself about her coma. Patient, who has a certain disease and doesn't want to die a virgin so he comes up with a plan even he thinks is going to far, but with the power of boners and encroaching death he manages to convince himself to do it. He uses his friendly nature and chats up the staff until he drops the description of his female friend who hasn't visited him in a long time. Because this is what it is, a nurse lets it slip that she knows of a patient who fits that description and that she was in an accident and they haven't been able to contact her friends or family, "Ghost" girl, who was listening in by coincidence, jokingly and offhandedly mentions that it's because she's adopted, her adopted family has passed on and that she's a shut in who hasn't gone through the trouble of making friends. At this time the Virgin repeats what she said with his own twist to prove who he was. The "Ghost" girl is shocked and starts thinking and realizes that he can see her, causing her to go off on him in an excited fashion believing she now has someone to actually talk to. The Virgin convinces the Nurse to take him to her room so he can see her. After a little performance about never even knowing she had been in an accident, the "Ghost" realizes something and flat out asks him what is he doing, she doesn't know him. (She was just so excited to be able to communicate with him she just didn't realize something was up) The Nurse takes the Virgin back to his room. Now that he's alone the "Ghost" calls him out and tells him that no one is around so he can speak. The boy apologizes and mentions that he just wanted to see her for himself, because he was curious. Not buying it the "Ghost" stays in his room refusing to leave until he tells her the truth. As she passes the time by snooping around she sees his chart and gives him a little sympathy. Still a little angry at himself he tells her he doesn't need her sympathy and goes to sleep. He wakes up at night realizes it's his time. He sneaks across the hospital stealing some sheets as he goes and enters her room where he sees the "Ghost" girl sleeping above her body. Taking a look at her sleeping body, her flesh and blood body he closes the door and wakes the "Ghost" she looks at him and ask what he's doing and he refuses to answer, knowing that what he's about to do to her was wrong he couldn't answer back. That is when he starts playing with her body, the "Ghost" attempts to stop him in anyway she can but being a ghost she can't touch him. He ramps up what he does little by little, first fondling her body, kissing her and sucking on her breasts, and so on. Jacks off with her breasts, and then finishing up with actual penetration finding out that she was a virgin just like him. All the while the "Ghost" goes from trying to stop him to being over come by her bodies reactions causing her to play with herself as she watches him violate her body. He doesn't take notice until he hears her climax behind him at the same time he does, causing him to turn around and look right at her. She looks at him, half crying half pleasured and utters the sentence "you came in me...." changing to a more tearful reaction she flies out of the room. Now finished the boy gets up and cleans her off before changing her sheets and gown before heading to his room. For the next few days he's terrified that he would be found out, but nothing ever happens and even weirder he doesn't see the "Ghost" again. Now for the ending, of course I sort of mean this as a joke because a certain element can be taken out and it can still be a good ending, so two weeks later his Doctor comes in to give him some important and happy news, they have a donor. With that information his face lights up and he feels happy, at that time the nurse from before chimes in with "and you'll never guess who it is!" and guides in the now awake "Ghost" girl with an expression that can only be described as "I own you now".
(+/- element) With everything said and done the video is about to fade to black when the nurse suddenly chimes in with an uncontrollable squeal drawing the attention of both, and with their attention she tells them what she couldn't keep bottled up anymore. "This whole time, your best friend and savior! Is your Sister!" Both look at each other with a kind of wide mouthed look of death as the Doctor now tells them that, "That is why she was a perfect match. She is your older Sister by two years" The Video now comes to a close with the two thinking
Virgin: My first time was with my Sister?!
Ghost Girl: My first time was with my Brother?!

Um.....this isn't a question anymore is it......
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