GD 16: Michelle's Room


The user previously known as Hero-in-the-Dark
Oct 18, 2009
Mîrchell's bed was perfectly made, she hadn't slept last night. Instead she had been doing some thinking, sharpening her sword to pass the time, and cutting little runic patterns into the wall behind her wardrobe, which she had pulled away, and now stood in the centre of the room. Mîrchell herself wasn't quite sure of what the runes meant, they had come naturally to her, likely some unwelcome instinctive thing, more than likely from her fathers side. Shaking her head, Mîrchell slowly slid the vicious looking sword back into its scabbard, and returned it to its hiding place in the wardrobe, along with the bag of whetstones she had been using. Closing the wardrobe door, Mîrchell braced herself against it, and with a small grunt, shoved it back to its original place against the wall.

Straightening up, she looked around. The room had had nothing done to it since she had got there, having no need for posters, laptops, or any of the other things the other girls would have had in their rooms. Her limited supply of clothing was stashed in the wardrobe, though all of it bar her uniform where rather similar, various loose garments in black and red. She grinned. She had little use for human education, but still wished to be able to fit into normal society, after all, the sweetest taste was that of the betrayed.

Cracking her neck to the side, Mîrchell flexed, and groaned as she changed shape, the horns, wings and fangs retracting into her body, her hooves and ears changed to human feet and ears, and the evil glow in her eyes faded, leaving Michelle standing there, clutching her head.

After a while, she straightened up, and went to the wardrobe again to change into her day clothes, and splashed her face with water before heading out.
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