Help finding Suima Episode II - Awakening (english version)


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Oct 24, 2015
I've been looking for the past few weeks on and off trying to find an English version of Suima Episode 2 Awakening, I thought I found one but when I downloaded it and launched it, the menu was in English but when I got into it the subtitles are in Japanese. I'm not sure if I'm being a dumb-ass and there's a way to change the language in the flash player but I'm at my wits end. $25 for it on DLsite is a bit steep for me to justify the purchase. So this is where I am asking for help in finding an English version of the flash *game*. I don't really want an wmv, I enjoy going through the flash game version instead. :) Anyone who can help I'd really appreciate it. Wasn't sure where to post this as it's a flash game on dlsite but it's just a semi-interactive movie, so I posted it here.
I wait with fingers crossed for a positive reply...
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