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Feb 4, 2011
Hoenn Adventure is a pokemon Play-By-Post set in the 3.5th generation in Hoenn, a few years after the incidents with Team Aqua and Team Magma and after the recent discovery of new pokemon battle moves and abilities. Over the years, slight modifications have been made to Hoenn's landscape to allow for easier travel and navigation throughout the region. These modifications help speed up and improve the commerce of trade between the cities and towns of Hoenn allowing for new goods and services to be provided throughout the region. Over time, many other things have changed as well, but those things will unfold as the game progresses.


This game will play out much more realistically than it did in the games. Pokemon battles will be more like the show, except not complete bullshit (like pikachu killing a ground pokemon with an electrical attack, what the fuck was that?!). You can also climb up those pesky ledges and swim accross short distances.

Your character has decided to set off on a pokemon journey of their own, and head to Littleroot Town to recieve their standard issue Pokedex and Pokenav. Your character can start off with any basic or baby pokemon as a starter. The only conditions that'll restrict which pokemon you can pick for a starter are that it can't be a legendary pokemon, or any pokemon after generation 3, because they haven't been discovered yet. I'd also like to have players pair up and go on adventures as a team.

Battles will work in a more realistic fashion without stats, because from the character's point of view, the pokemon are living organisms, not numbers. Probably the their ability to see their pokemon's stats, hitpoints, power points, etc, took up so much space in their brains that they were too retarded to climb up ledges, swim short distances, and speak more than two or so words at once... In this play-by-post, your character will not be retarded, and as stated earlier, you have to batle in a more realistic fashion, sortof like how they did in the show (i/e; "Try to dodge the attack and flank it from the left!")

I'll add more to this later; I can't remember the rest of the stuff I thought of for this at the current moment...

I'm thinking of redoing the entire Hoenn Adventure PBP. I'm thinking of wiping everything clean and starting off with a less complicated play system. Instead of having everyone having the same goals, I've decided to give more freedom to what the players want to do in the roleplay. Unfortunately, I cannot change the name of the PBP section to "Pokemon Adventure" which would be more fitting, because I am expanding beyond just the Hoenn Region. That's right, I'm going to allow you guys to go to any of the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh at will. Also, you do not have to play as a Pokemon trainer trying to "Catch 'Em All". In this PBP Roleplay, you will now be allowed to play as pretty much whatever you want. You can be a travelling painter, travelling photographer, Pokemon Breeder, a monk seeking enlightenment, or whatever you feel like. Also, I WILL allow ERO this time in addition to actually having a choice of whether you want to be in a group thread or not.

I will keep the realistic mechanics for being able to climb ledges, swim, etc. Also, I'm abandoning the 4-move limit, for the good of all of us except the ones who are dead.
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