ACT Active [Lynte] Tentacle Tower Defense

Jun 28, 2018
I'm glad to hear this isn't the intended behavior, but in that case I humbly encourage you to bug-hunt the code for it a bit more. The explosion has been consistently dealing damage to the towers on either side of the lanes where explosion occurs, as well as the tower in front of the targets that was already taking damage.
Does this happen to any tower? Or just a particular one? I haven't heard of this bug yet.

My tactic to beat stage 6 was to use Q energy towers as cheap walls since the cooldown on other towers is too low. I then tried to make a column of Q towers, left room for 2 columns of E towers, and spammed W towers in front of those. If W was on cooldown I used Q as a cheap blocker. If I lost a row I rebuilt as best as I could. It was still really hard, though, and I barely beat stage 6. Lost a ton of towers. Took me at least a dozen tries with one ragequit break in there.
I appreciate strategy discussion. Diagrams or screenshots of what you're trying would help, though. Like this:
   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12
A [E][Q][Q][ ][ ][ ][ ][W][W][W][ ][ ][ ]
B [E][Q][Q][ ][ ][ ][ ][W][W][W][ ][ ][ ]
H [E][Q][Q][ ][ ][ ][ ][W][W][W][ ][ ][ ]
Disclaimer: This isn't the solution to level 6
You can put them in spoilers if you don't want to reveal them too easily.

Please have mercy on we who have much slower APMs than RTS pros like you! xD
I meant some things, like picking up energy and placing towers, are second nature to me now. I end up picking up energy anytime I'm testing, even when it's not to test the actual levels yet lol

Also, I wish the A-spell could be freely targeted anywhere on the map, and not stopped by the first enemy on the row it ran in to!
Hold that thought for the full version. There may or may not be something similar.


Overall, I think most players are able to figure it out given enough time. But most of that time is spent retrying the difficult levels. I think padding it the levels would be beneficial. So something as difficult as level 6 does come but it will come after several more gentler levels, so it feels better to play. Players will be able to beat enemies the first time they see them, and then digest. One downside is that not every level will have gallery unlocks attached to it, so I'll have to find a way to communicate when a gallery item is unlocked. The other hard part is modulating the difficulty of levels in between. I'm becoming numb to how difficult this game actually is at this point.
Jun 28, 2018
Well, development is still going...

TLDR: Still no new demo

The game looks like this now:
2018-09-17 17_30_23-Unity 5.6.6f2 Personal (64bit) - Game Map.unity - Tentacle TD v2018.09.11....png 2018-09-17 17_24_33-Unity 5.6.6f2 Personal (64bit) - Game Map.unity - Tentacle TD v2018.09.11....png

The three new towers have graphics and sounds. And one new enemy has been added.
I haven't gotten into level design yet so the stats of everything is pretty wack. But their core mechanics are in place.

Towers now run under an ammo system so you can place more of them after you lose them. It's different for every tower ATM,
The button graphic shows how much you can afford at any given time and how long until another of each tower is added to your inventory.
The abilities already worked on an ammo system but I just changed their button graphics to match the tower buttons.

On the top right, the game will show which enemies can appear and how likely they are to appear.
Two cards mean 10% of the enemies are of that type. Eg. in the first screenshot 50% of enemies are the spear type and in the second one, 30% of enemies are the spear type.
The enemy composition may change as the level goes on, but I'll try to make it so it's not too frequent or confusing.
※There are numbers beside the cards but those are for debugging and won't be in the final build.

I worked on other backend stuff to do with the enemy spawning and level editing as well.

Oh and there's a new graphic for the field because the old one was too small and I needed to zoom the camera out to fit the new UI.
I no longer have the layered file for the old field graphic so I recreated it.
Jun 28, 2018
A little more WIP stuff here

Super Energy Bolt Demo.gif
Buckler And Orb Enemy Full 6x Combine.gif

Not much to say.

If all goes well, I'm hoping to have a demo out with updated gameplay in a month or two.
Jun 28, 2018

Some people also felt the game was too fast. But I'm reluctant to put in a slo-mo or pause where you can set spells or towers up.
A pause wherein you can't take any actions on the board might be a nice compromise.
Jun 28, 2018
I finished level construction for the first 12 levels earlier this week and ran a few tests with friends.

I want to iron out some things before an updated gameplay demo goes public. Maybe a week or two.

Bladed Alien.gif
May 23, 2017
Whoa, I guess that's supposed to be a loose top piece/scarf of some variety, but it looks all sorts of wonky, to be honest. Maybe that's just me, but it looks like she has a fat piece of flesh hanging out of her mouth... sorry to put it like that.
Dec 31, 2008
So it's more like a shawl then. In that case adding some simple details with brighter colors would help to distinguish what it is. Like a solid white base with a blue border.
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