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Apr 23, 2017
Re: Sexy Exile

Hi, Zanzo here with the latest :)

I'm a bit stressed out right now with various projects (gotta pay my rent unfortunately), so I'll get right to the point:

Content Updates

- Most important: We released an alpha version of the very first XXX Mode stage to all patrons with beta access. It has been well received and provided us with valuable input :)
- Earlier, we introduced our new and very own soundtrack for XXX Mode in a public gameplay video early in the Month
- The different clothing Stages of Nikki's Portrait were published, we posted WIPs and full Artworks of 2 XXX Scenes with her. One of those will be replaced though since we thought the upcoming one would fit her character - and physcial flexibility - better. We will try to recycle the pose later on.
- Also, The wallpapers for Nikki were sent to the qualifying patrons.
- Mayu got her third and final sticker along with a painting progress video from Cucu. We sent out her artwork downloads to the according patrons.
- Cucu completely redid the very first XXX Artwork she ever made for Mayu and Sexy Exile in general to bring it up to the style and standard we have now. The Artwork is available for all patron tiers just like the first version was.

Coding Updates

It doesn't make too much sense to try and list the things I accomplished this month since it was mostly technical stuff like optimizing routines and functions, debugging, reorganizing code, balancing and general polishing in order to get the alpha out and be ready for everything after that. I created lots of collectible sound effects and implemented them as well as a mechanism for randomized playback of a variety of moaning sounds for Anaela ;) I added several game animations and status screens for the alpha and ultimately the first playable. Since the closed alpha release I worked on more boring stuff like cleanly resetting the play state, which means that all objects, variables, instances etc. need to be properly recycled in order to not flood the memory with junk data. I've also made some adjustments to the music playback & loop system since I discovered a bug in the framework that would result in multiple layers of music looping over and over again... yay!*

However, those last changes may not sound like too much but they allow for multiple stages to be put in a sequence seamlessly and therefore these are essential steps towards the first playable that I'm happy to have conquered.
Whats next?

I'm a bit annoyed that the "regular" work slows me down a bit right now, but I'm still trying to put every spare minute into the first playable, as does Cucu. Among the next steps for me are designing the second level, writing the code for story sequences and working on more music with our guy. And yeah, finishing the second XXX animation of Anaela.. After that, the first playable will finally be pretty much in sight! In the meantime, Cucu is going strong with completing Nikki's stuff and we're already brainstorming about what our the next girl will be like.. Maybe y'all got some input?

As always, we're happy to answer any questions and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

All the best
Zanzo & Cucu - Peachaboo
May 23, 2017
Re: Sexy Exile

Sounds like you got your hands more than full at the moment. All I can do is wish you the best of luck (well, and support your project), so just take things at your pace.
Apr 23, 2017
Re: Sexy Exile

Oh, didn't get a notification for some reason but thank you both very much =) we're doing our best to get something playable out there ASAP!
Apr 23, 2017
Re: Sexy Exile

It's back! Here's the monthly summary of updates and lookouts into the near future that hasn't been monthly lately ;)
To make up for that, I'm gonna cover the month we missed as well.

First things first:
The first playable finally approaches a releasable state. A closed Beta for all our patrons from 3$ up will start this month if nothing big goes wrong! After the Beta finishes and everything is polished, there will be a first public release. We are already so excited to let you all play the game so far!

Content Updates
  • We introduced a new girl that Cucu is now actively working on. Her Name is Baby and she is a half human, half unicorn girl. We showed her background painting as well as a bunch of sketches that display possible character traits along with a little more info about herself.
  • I very recently finished Anaela's second XXX scene animations which is an important part of the first playable. A video of the different animation cycles was uploaded for patrons of the according tiers.
  • Another pending task has been completed by painting an asian suburb as background for Mayu's introduction within the game. Our patrons could see the according sketch as well as the final outcome.
  • Speaking of Mayu, we put out the cumshot version of her third XXX stage and put together a time lapse video for the painting process of her second sticker.
  • Nikki received a whole lot of updates. Her second XXX scene was finished and posted both mid-act and as cumshot version. Her first scene also received a cumshot version while the third one was shown as a WIP sketch. The finished artwork will drop any day now. Last but not least her second sticker was finished along with another time lapse on the painting process.
  • Thanks to a very good friend, the menu music is now done and partially released to our patrons' enjoyment :) I also created some smaller kind of „remixed“ music loops for the success screen and such

Coding Updates
  • I don't even remember the lots and lots of „smaller“ changes, optimizations and bug fixes I did in the last two months but much of it aimed at making the game properly and most of all cleanly restartable in terms of recycling game elements and not spamming the browser memory unnecessarily. I talked about this in the last updated but it is finally done now :)
  • Building on this, I implemented the second stage with it's individual level (which is also mostly done), graphics and animations.
  • For proper stage endings I adjusted the Game Over screen and added a retry button and introduced a new winning screen that allows to look at this stages XXX animation a little more while being able to control the animations speed in three steps before continuing to the next stage.
  • I set up a proper pause screen with a restart button and a general mute/unmute button as well as individual 10-step volume controls for each music, sound effects and voices. the complete sound playback engine was reorganized in order to make this possible but I figured it had to be done at some point anyways
  • Changed the data format of the XXX animations and adjusted their implementation which saves another 20-25% of file size per animation. Yay! ;)

What's next
As stated at the beginning, we're moving closer to the beta (hopefully this month) and ultimately a first public release. There are a few things left to do before the beta and a few things more before we can put it out there. These are the next on the list:

  • a Combo system that rewards good playing more directly: Collecting multiple hearts in a row will increase a multiplier that will help keeping the pressure bar down and grant more points in later versions as the score system is not planned the first playable. While the only ways to affect the pressure until now were collecting ice-cubes or colliding with mines, the combo-system is meant to make the game feel a little more direct and influenceable.
  • We already started designing nice startup screens for the different stages showing the according girl, her name and the number of the upcoming stage with a few nice optical effects to get you ready. Think of it as a variation of fighting games' loading screens
  • Some additional graphics and sounds need to be created and/or changed and the last 10% of level design need to be done. Except for occasional tweaking, the beta would be pretty much finished at this point.
  • For the public release, a few story sequences need to be coded. Artwork and rough scripts are mostly done. Also, some additional visual and sound effects are planned along with whatever optimizations or changes the patrons' feedback will evoke.
  • On the artwork front, Cucu is just now working on Nikki's last bits so that we can soon send the artwork packs out.
  • Our new character Baby (read above) will get her first artworks next, so lots of cool stuff coming up =)

As always, questions and comments are greatly appreciated! We are working very hard to finally give you something to play soon, so stay tuned!

Zanzo +Cucu
Apr 23, 2017
Hello you, It's that time of the month again! Or actually it may even be a little bit after that time. ;D

The biggest news from last month certainly was the start of a Beta phase for our X-Mode Demo. All of our patrons have the opportunity to play the two XXX stages starring Anaela that make up the gameplay part of the soon upcoming public X-Mode Demo Release. That will also feature a few story sequences and dialogue and will later basically be the epilogue and also act as a tutorial to our game as a whole. Feedback has been really great so far :) Read more about it here and find the patron link here!

So that took quite a lot of our attention and still continues to do so, but nonetheless, Cucu managed to paint some more awesome stuff in between of UI graphics and polishing tasks:

Content Updates:
  • Nikki's Artwork has been completed. There was another XXX scene artwork as well as her last sticker for which we also postet a painting process video. Artwork Packages were sent out to the corresponding patron tiers.
  • A final piece of Artwork for the upcoming first public release was also finished: The Boss of Paradise. Spoiler: He catches you fooling around with Anaela, his favorite angel in the Prologue to our game and the main story (which is the upcoming public X-Mode Demo) - and he's not very happy about it.
  • Baby, our freshly introduced unicorn-girl finally got her colors chosen and a beautiful portrait painted.
  • We had a poll to determine which of our 4 already introduced girls our patrons would like to see in a little halloween special – Baby won. The special was of course posted on 31st.
Coding Updates:
  • As stated above, The month was very busy with including and finishing various gameplay parts of the soon coming public X-Mode Demo in order to start the Beta among our patrons.
  • One of the biggest additions certainly is new Combo System that rewards the continous collecting of hearts with increasing points (score system is new, too) and helps keeping the pressure down which makes for a more rewarding and interactive gameplay. The player token got corresponding graphics and effects to visually represent the currently active combo level as you play.
  • Implemented a short tutorial which explains the basic gameplay mechanics
  • Added a new animated stage startscreen that acts as a transition between the XXX stages and their individual XXX animations while showing the character as well as the number of the upcoming stage. Think of it a little bit like a fighting game loading screen.
  • After the release I did some more bugfixing, optimization and polishing and started to make some architectural adjustments to prepare the addition of the mentioned story/dialogue sequences as well as to further increase my workflow, code efficiency and such. Converting things like the pause screen and audio manager system to work in every mode was tedious but worth it :)
  • The also mentioned story sequence state with included dialogue system is also nearing completion. I will post more about that soon.
What's next:
  • Story sequences and dialogues - intro and outro to be precise – will be finished and implemented now that the mechanics are in place.
  • A success-screen at the end of the second stage will be put in place and show how the xp and reward system will work later.
  • I still plan on adding a proper highscore list in time for the public release, even though it will be a bit tricky
  • More polishing, a few more effects and overall lot's of tiny little things ;)
I still aim for the end of this month as a public release date but don't be mad if it becomes december. We really want it to be as good as possible at this point, since the effect of our first public release is quite important in order to keep development speed at this pace – we basically have been working double shifts for quite a while now to get to that point. However, we are very encouraged and confident and eager to present our hard work very soon!

All the best and stay tuned!

Zanzo + Cucu
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Apr 23, 2017
Hello dear people of ULMF!
Version 0.1.0 (X-Mode Demo / Prologue) of our game Sexy Exile is finally done!

Yay! We are very happy and excited to show you the first results of our long and hard work with this release.

This is the complete Prologue of our game. It includes an intro sequence, two full stages of our arcade-style X-Mode as well as a short tutorial and another sequence to get the main story going. Not yet included is Date Mode, our other core mode that is currently in development - thanks to our patrons :)

Note: For most people, performance was best in Google Chrome and pretty bad in Mozilla Firefox, so if you're experiencing low frame rates, stutter or lag, you should give a different browser a try. It also helps to have fewer tabs open, especially complex sites like Youtube or Facebook will occupy a lot of your memory.

Enough talking, now go and play it here!

We hope you enjoy our game so far. In any case, we would be thrilled to hear your feedback and hope you'll leave us a kind rating or maybe even consider supporting us in continuing the development of Sexy Exile.

Read more about us, our game and our plans on our Patreon page:

Cucu & Zanzo
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Apr 23, 2017
Our post seems to have had a bit of a bad timing, so here I go again ;P

But this is more than a shameless bump. Based on some of the generally overwhelmingly positive feedback to the public release of v0.1.0 (see previous post!), I took the time and cooked up a version with alternate control settings to make it feel a more direct and responsive. The ball reacts stronger and quicker to give more time to react while making it a little bit harder to control the momentum in exchange.

Edit: Changes are now live on the original link
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Demon Girl Master
Jan 4, 2016
Well, the gameplay certainly took me for a loop. Reminds me of an addictive mobile game in a good way. Though the controls felt a bit floaty on both versions, at least for me (side note: clicking the link to the alternate version doesn't work). Oh, and thank god you allowed unlimited viewing of the animation after completing the stage.

An aside from that, do you have an official email? Couldn't find one through your patreon or ULMF posts.


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Oct 24, 2015
This is addictive as fuck! I played the prologue, and then played it again. Great work! I can see myself pledging to this providing the updates are frequent and worth the money.
Great work!
Apr 23, 2017
Thank you, glad you like it :)
On average we have 1-2 posts in most weeks with art or dev updates, depending on the tier. The next playable part (our second core mode - Date Mode) will take quite a while to be finished and released though.
Higher patron tiers will have access to early versions/parts, but we will most likely not finish more X-Mode stages until after that. Nevertheless, Cucu is currently working on all the artwork stuff for 2 more girls that will be posted as it gets along.
We would be happy to see you join our patrons, of course.
Apr 23, 2017
:D Is that a good sign?
That's why we made the animation loop at the end of the stage, so that you can look at it for as long as you want without any distraction ;)
Dec 6, 2008
Hmmm... not too bad I think. From the description, I kind of expected a sort of battlefuck-esque game, and that's about half true I suppose... the mini game is straight forward enough but enjoyable, and the animations and such are nice. Curious how the dates will turn out, but it's an interesting game. Not sure if in the end it'll be entirely my cup of tea though... personally would like to see more of a battlefuck angle.


Tentacle Monster
Dec 8, 2012
Hmmm... not too bad I think. From the description, I kind of expected a sort of battlefuck-esque game, and that's about half true I suppose... the mini game is straight forward enough but enjoyable, and the animations and such are nice. Curious how the dates will turn out, but it's an interesting game. Not sure if in the end it'll be entirely my cup of tea though... personally would like to see more of a battlefuck angle.
I'm a big BF fan too, but a lot of what makes a BF game is the presentation, and the story scenario in this demo wouldn't really allow for that, right? I imagine the "boss fight" demon-girls mentioned on the Patreon page will be more along those lines, perhaps.

Apr 23, 2017
^Hey guys, sorry for the delay! The demon fights are maybe more like it, that's right. They will basically work in a similar way, but I already thought about what interesting gameplay twists or additions could suit it. It's still a bit down the road so I can't really tell you more, I'm afraid. We'll all just have to wait and see ;P
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