Pokemon Adventure Characters


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Feb 4, 2011
Create your character here using this sheet:

Starting Location:
Type Preference (Optional):

Here's a sample character sheet.
Name: Ridley Ignatious Aero
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Starter: Vulpix (Egg) {Female; Flare}
Region: Hoenn
Hometown: Fallarbor Town
Profession: Pokemon Trainer
Personality: Calm and laid-back
Appearance: Medium length hair, green eyes, with sortof a bedhead hairstyle, and about 5'11" height. Wears khaki pants, a grey T-shirt, with a brown trenchcoat.
Starting Location: Fallarbor Town
Bio: Ridley took an interest in Pokemon at an early age. Every opportunity he had, he had his nose in books about Pokemon, eager to learn all there is about Pokemon. One fateful day, after his cousin arrived back from a vacation in Kanto, Ridley was given a Pokemon Egg as a gift. Using his thorough knowledge of Pokemon, Ridley spent every waking moment looking after his Pokemon Egg, making sure to nuture it and develop a close bond with it. Several days later, the Egg hatched into a beautiful baby Vulpix, which he decided to nickname Flare. From that day on, Ridley ad Flare spent alot of time together, playing in the valley on Route 114. But, after noticing some of the Pokemon Trainers battling from time-to-time, Ridley realized what he wanted to do with his life. So, Ridley sent a letter out to get his own Trainer's License and Pokedex. After recieving his Pokedex, 6 Pokeballs, and Trainer's ID Card, Ridley and Flare packed up their gear and planned out thier path through Route 114 through Meteor Falls to Rustboro City, where he'll try to earn his first official Pokemon League Gym Badge. After packing everything up, Ridley set out from his home in Fallarbor Town towards Route 114.
Type Preference (Optional): Ground
Notes: Vulpix hatched with the Egg Move, 'Energy Ball'
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Aug 9, 2011
Re: Pokemon Adventure Characters

Name: Gurren Hawke
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Starter: Flareon
Region: Kanto
Hometown: Celadon city
Profession: Pokemon Trainer
Personality: Normally level headed but can be irritated and will make rash decisions when angered. Fiercely loyal to those he considers his friends.
Appearance: Short, Black hair; Blue eyes; Red and white Jacket white shirt and black pants.
Bio: Gurren hails from a wealthy family in Celadon city. They wanted him to grow up and be a researcher for Sylph co. and make his name developing the next big device for pokemon. Not having any interest in that sort of life he left to pursue something that did interest him. Pokemon training. Only in pokemon battles with his trusted friend, Sparks did he have the most fun growing up. Partnered with his flareon he received from a researcher during a tour of the Sylph co. building. Gurren set out to become a master trainer like so many before him.
To prove himself he plans to catch the legendary Ho-oh to show just how good he can be with fire types!
Type Preference (Optional): Fire, Dark, Dragon
Sparks; Male Flareon; Hardy nature
Known moves: Tackle, Tickle, Yawn(last two are egg moves from previous owner)


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Pokemon Adventure Characters

Name: Angela
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Starter: Talking Pichu (male)(egg)
Region: Kanto
Hometown: Saffron City
Profession:pokemon Trainer/ Teacher
Personality: Cheerful, apasionated smart girl who try to earn huge goals giving small steps first
Appearance: Brown straight hair, blue eyes, black skirt and small black jacket, pink blouse, white underwear stockings and lace to tie her hair, boots. D cup
Starting Location: Saffron City
Bio: From young age Angela get fascinated with the pokemons, her city even filled with people was the town of many different kind of pokemons and in her childhood she stay in the park playing or just looking to them, she could see sometimes trainers having battles in the outsides or in safe places like unused park zones. Soon the idea of be a pokemon trainer pass throught her mind and prepare herself to be one too. However Angela was a dedicated girl in her school and this make her try to read any book thatn she could get related to the pokemons trying to be a skilled trainer from the start, of course than she only had her growlite family pet to learn the basic, but this make her notice than the pokemons were very smart creatures and in some books and newspapers she read about romors of talking pokemons, a interesting idea come at her mind and soon she get obseced with the wonderfull idea of teach her pokemons the human lenguage, however the little creatures werent interested to learn it and she suppose than even when they could learn it, the pokemons just think to dont need it.

Once she get the age needed she started her travel, training pokemons and facing some foes in her natal town, even fighting in some gyms, until suddenly a old lady bring her a yellow egg with a black line, at the start this was not so much important for the young trainer but soon she get attached to it and take care of it until a day it started to act strange, her conclusion about the lack of talkative pokemons said her than a pokemon could learn to talk with the humans if it was trained from the start and once the pichu get out it was what the young trainer tried. Devoted to her cause she passed years training her little pichu and even desist to be a pokemon master as she teach him like a kid the sounds and words, it was hard but then she heard the first basic words and after two years of rest she decide to start her travel with her talkative pokemon, maybe she was not so experienced in a battlefield but with her beloved partner, she was sure than she will recover the time lost soon.
Type Preference (Optional):
Notes: Her Pichu have volt tackle, wish, thundershock, charm
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