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Mar 7, 2010
Combat Information: v1.0

All attacks are made using Melee or Ranged Skill. Magic attacks that require a target will use the appropriate skills also.

All combatants move in order of their Speed, with any ties resolved by reaction checks.

All characters deal 1 point of damage if they are unarmed, 2 points if armed with a light weapons and 3 points if armed with a heavy weapon. This damage is increased by 1 point for every 20 points the attack skill check is succeeded by.
e.g. Character has a Melee skill of 53 and a heavy weapon. Rolling 24 for his attack he beats the check by 27 points, dealing one extra damage for a total of 4 points of damage. (3 for a heavy weapon and 1 for the good attack roll.)

An armoured character will have physical damage dealt to them reduced by 1 point, and a heavily armoured character will have their physical damage reduced by 2 points but will suffer a -1 penalty to their speed.

Mental damage is reduced by magic or other special items dependant on the setting.

Critical hits are scored on a natural roll of 1, these will deal damage to both Hit points and Will points regardless of the original damage type. For the sake of not one shotting PCs, NPCs will be incapable of critical hits at this time.

As it stands this system is likely to make combat fairly dangerous for all involved. I have an alternative system in mind if this one ends up being too brutal but I'd like to see how it plays out to begin with.

Basic World information:

The cold has started to creep over the ruins of the nameless city, snow and ice making the already harsh living conditions a true test of the survivors spirits. Their numbers are dwindling and tensions between small groups are running high as food stores run low. Some have succumb to their changes while others have simply walked into the wastes, hoping to find something more beyond the cities limits. The only blessing has been a reduction in the number of creatures prowling the streets at night, though they still pose a great threat to the unwary.

Nobody knows how this all came to pass, almost all memories from before the calamity seemingly wiped clean along with the world itself. There are those that seek to remember themselves, hoping it might stop them from turning into something else. Others band together, hoping their numbers will give them the strength to survive the moonless nights.

Perhaps you are a human, more or less, still trying to survive in the broken world. You may have found friends, allies, perhaps even family among the ruins. Maybe you are trying to right the world after the calamity some ten months ago, or maybe you simply want to survive. Perhaps you've succumb to the change that afflicts those who live, becoming one with the darkness of the night. Perhaps you feel all would be better if they were as you are, or maybe you seek to regain what you have lost.

Magic Storm
With advent of the war between the great nation of Tervinan and the magically adapt kingdom of Valance, the world has witnessed a clash of power that has never before been experienced. Great magic powered machines decimate fortresses while powerful chromatic sorcerers wipe clean the fields of battle. Both sides utilise the best and brightest their nations have to offer, leading only to more pronounced devastation along the boarder towns. Whoever may win the war, the cost will doubtless scar the land for generations to come.

Even while the war is being fought, there is a growing unrest on both sides far from the front lines. In Tervinan, a series of terrorist attacks have left many cities without the power they have come to rely on. In Valance, there is growing disdain for those who favor technology over the arcane, with several steam works being forced to close. On top of all this there have been rumours of the smaller neighbouring nations funding the opposing side, threatening to spill the war into other territories.

Perhaps you are a soldier in one of the armies, or a civilian safe from the front lines. Maybe you can use magic and find yourself pressed into service or worse yet troubled by the disappearance of your fellow magic users. You might find yourself tasked with resolving the the growing civil unrest, or perhaps you are part of the problem.
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Mar 7, 2010
Re: Rules and other Info

Magic Storm Advanced Information:

Magic: v0.something WIP

The Basics:

All player characters in Magic Storm have the option of casting spells and all start with the basic Evocation spell.

Most characters in the Magic Storm world have some access to magic ranging from mundane tricks to earth shattering spells. While casters can master the elements it comes at the cost of their will.

Casting a spell in combat requires a number of turns equal to the spells power level. Once the appropriate number have turns have been taken a mental check is made.
If the check is passed, the spell is successfully completed.
If the check is failed by 20 points or less the caster has the option of casting the spell, but will take 1 WP of damage.
If the check is failed by 30 points or less the caster may cast the spell at the cost of 2 WP
If the check is failed by 40 points or more the spell fizzles and fails to cast.
If a 95-100 is rolled for the mental check, the spell fails and the caster suffers intense feedback, causing 1 WP of damage, plus an additional WP for every 2 power levels above 1.

A spell with a power level of 1 will activate in the same turn it was cast.
If a character is struck while casting a spell, they will suffer a -10 penalty to their final mental check. This penalty can stack and should it exceed the caster's mental stat, the spell is lost and they suffer intense feedback as though they had botched the spell. A character can stop casting, loosing the spell but saving themselves from damage. Stoping a cast does not consume a turn.


A spell first has a class which will be be one of the following.

Evocation - Spells that focus on dealing direct damage to the target
Protection - Spells that focus on protecting the caster or others
Conjuration - Spells that focus on creating and manipulating creations of magic
Enchantment - Spells that focus on empowering armour, weapons and other devices with magical energies.
(more later probably)

The power level of all spells starts at 1 and increase or decrease as traits are applied to them. The following contains a table of spell classes and the traits they may acquire. The number before each trait donates the change to power level.

Base Spell: Deals 1 damage to a melee or ranged target.
+1 - Potent: Deals 1 extra point of damage
+1 - Mind Blast: Deals WP damage instead of HP damage
-1 - Focused Cast: Reduces the power level and hence the cast time of the spell. (Can't reduce a spell below power level 1)

Base Spell: Reduces the next physical damage caused to you by 1 point.

+2 - Strengthened: Increases the damage reduction by 1 point.
+2 - Warding: Spell provides protection against will damage instead of physical damage.
-1 - Focused Cast: Reduces the power level and hence the cast time of the spell. (Can't reduce a spell below power level 1)

Base Spell: Creates one magical critter that lasts for three rounds.

Base Spell: Provides the user with a +5 to any one skill or stat check for three rounds. This effect does not stack.
+1 - Increased Duration: Increases the duration of the spell by 2 rounds
+2 - Increased Potency: increases the bonus to a single stat or skill by +5 (This can be a different skill or the same skill as the base spell)
+2 - Blessing: Allows the enchantment to effect an additional recipient.

Permanent Enchantments:

Some spells may be placed onto items for a permanent boost to combat effectiveness.
This spells take too long to cast during combat and the bonuses only apply to equipment as long as it is wielding by the original caster.
In addition, the magical energies of the enchantments interfere with casting, leading to an increased chance of feedback if other spells are cast while using permanently enchanted items.

Permanent Enchantments list:
Enchantment of the Earth: Cast on Armour or clothing, this enchantment grants 1 point of damage reduction against physical damage, but gives a 15 point penalty to spell casting.
Enchantment of the Wind: Cast on Footwear, increases the users speed by 1 but gives a 10 point penalty to spell casting.
Enchantment of the Water: Cast on a weapon, increases the users skill with the weapon by 10 points, but gives a 20 point penalty to spell casting.
Enchantment of Fire: Cast on a weapon, this enchantment increases all damage dealt by 1 point, but gives a 20 point penalty to spell casting. The damage is considered fire damage to creatures weak against fire but can not otherwise be used to heat or ignite anything.
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Mar 7, 2010
Re: Rules and other Info

Broken Advanced information:

Sample Traits:

General Traits:

Natural Weapon:
You've developed claws, talons, spikes, horns or some other mutation which you can use in combat. You always count as being armed with a light weapon.

You've grown a pair of wings, which can carry you short distances in flight. You can fly a distance equal to your build score in feet before having to land. Wings also increase your speed by 1 in combat, though offer no other tangible benefits.

Enhanced senses:
Your senses are sharper than the average human. You gain +10 on any reaction or mental check dealing with sight, sound or smell.

Toughened body:
Your body has developed a greater resistance to the threats of the broken world. You benefit from 2 extra HP.

Toughened mind:
Your mind has developed a greater resistance to the threats of the broken world. You benefit from 2 extra WP.

Hunter Traits:

Voracious appetite:
You no longer have qualms about what you eat, allowing you to find sustenance in anything your body can process, regardless of how unseemly it might be.

Rending blows:
When you strike a target you make each hit count. Anyone that is struck by your melee attack suffers a -10 penalty to their next melee attack.

Single Minded Frenzy:
When you set your sights on your prey you will do whatever you can to finish them off. When you engage a target in melee combat you will latch on to the first opponent hit, reducing both of your speed values by 4, but always leaving your speed 1 point higher than the opponents. All of your melee attacks gain +20 to hit against the target, but you are unable to disengage until they have been rendered out of action. Due to your stationary nature, all melee attacks made against you gain a +10.
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