Storm War Character Sheets


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Nov 10, 2008
Character Sheets go in this thread, for easy access. The races information pertaining to character creation will also be here.

Character Name:
Character Race:
Physical Description: (Text or pic, I don't care.)
Personality Description: (Critical - Fill this one out.)
Character Background: (Have this filled out, since it will help get your character started. Unless I tell you otherwise, your character's mage abilities will not play a part in this field.)
Magic Use: (This is only for the player to say "Yes" or "No" to whether or not they wish for me to make a determination.)


Humans - Perhaps the most common race, there are three main concentrations of Human settlements. The Western Lands, composed primarily of farmlands, is loosely allied with the Iselgarn Empire. It was, in the past, strongly allied with Kalivor, though. Nowadays, though, most of its people bow to the Empire. (Imperial magic, rare; Wild magic, rare) (Alternate - Westerner, sided primarily with the Imperials.)

The Iselgarn Empire itself is perhaps the largest region of human dominance, with many of its citizens being somewhat educated, either as scholars and mages, or as militia and armsmen. Most regions at least acknowledge the Imperial Law. (Imperial magic, uncommon; Wild magic, extremely rare) (Default, sided entirely with the Imperials.)

The smallest of the human regions is the Northlands near the Kolvir Mountains. Even after its fall, the people of this region follow the system of laws used in Kalivor. While often shown as part of the Empire, it rarely recognizes Imperial rule. (Imperial magic, extremely rare; Wild magic, uncommon) (Alternate - Northman, sided primarily with the Exiles.)

Kaliverans - Although human, the people of Kalivor bore enough differences that many Imperial texts refer to them as "near-Humans". For one, the so-called "wild magic" was extremely common in Kalivor. Also, they were taller, paler, and often longer-lived than other humans. All of the remaining Kaliverans despise House Gallias for its perceived role in the fall of Kalivor, and openly assisted Elric Kaliverus. (Imperial magic, none; Wild magic, common) (Sided entirely with the Exiles.)

Elves - Three distinct groupings of elves exist. The High Elves of the northeastern forests are the most well known, especially for their craftwork, and skill as scouts. While technically neutral, many find themselves welcome in the Empire. (Imperial magic, uncommon; wild magic, uncommon) (Default, sided primarily with the Imperials.)

There is a race of evil elves, called the Dark Elves. The only contact that the surface has with them, however, is the renegades who make their way to the surface to live as bandits. Officially, the Empire has a bounty out for them, alive only. This is in place, as the Emperor wishes to have each captured renegade questioned, to ensure that no hostile offensive occurs without warning. (Imperial magic, rare; Wild magic, extremely rare) (Alternate - Dark Elf, they're basically the drow. Sided primarily with the Imperials.)

While only rumors, there are rumors of a third group of elves. According to these rumors, a group of renegades from the dark race broke away en masse, forsaking the dark practises of their brethren. This act changed them to the point of being a distinctly separate group. Little is known about them, aside from that they were reported to be in the forests between the Western Lands, and Kalivor. (If they exist, then: Imperial magic, none; Wild magic, rare) (Alternate - Twilight Elf, appearance-wise, they look like the Night Elves from WC3. Silver hair and purple eyes are the most common, though. Sided with the Exiles.)

All elves are tall, even taller than the Kaliverans, although not by much. They are also ageless, and rarely become diseased. Half-elves exist, although they are sometimes mistaken for Kaliverans, if of High Elf-Human parentage. (Elven Parent's chances for magic.)

Dwarves - Two distinct groups of dwarves exist. Among the mountains in the southern part of the Empire lives one of the groups. They are best known for their quality metalworking, stoneworking, and their expertise in mining. (Imperial magic, extremely rare; Wild magic, extremely rare) (Default, sided with the Imperials.)

The second group, much closer to Kalivor, share those traits, but are also fascinated with technological marvels as well. Just about everyone else, save perhaps a few Kaliverans, view these "marvels" with a great deal of suspicion...With good cause. Such devices generally cause a great deal of clean-up and healing should they backfire. (Imperial magic, extremely rare; Wild magic, very rare) (Alternate - Irongrad Dwarf, sided with the Exiles.)

Dwarves are difficult to poison, even harder to affect mentally, and solid workers. Some are also known for being almost impossible to out-drink.
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Isha Breananin
Character Race: Kaliveran

Physical Description: Standing about 8 inches taller than most other people, with pale skin and blond hair, Isha is fairly easy to spot in a crowd. the varied collection of fine made swords hanging from her belt and back help as well. She carries no less than a half dozen, varying in size from a pair of short single-edged blades up to a double bladed sword strapped to her back, which is about as tall as she is. She also carries a small handfull of concealed throwing knives in various places on her person. She usually wears a full cloak and hood overtop of form-fitting leather armour, stooping to hide some of her height, but that is more to avoid drunken Isengard patriots than anything else.

-Two short swords (think LoTR elven swords)
-Two sabres/scimitars
-A single rapier style foil
-The two bladed sword
-A dozen throwing knives

The short swords and sabres are placed in a way so that she can sheathe one and draw the other in one smooth motion, she often fights with the four, switching up during combat to adjust her speed or reach, as well as confuse her opponent. The rapier is for when one arm is injured or otherwise out of comission, or for when she wants a free hand to throw a knife. The two bladed sword is the pride of her collection, and the only one she had custom forged for her own use. Each side has three blades arranged in a triangle, so she can attack from any angle as well as thrust with equal efficiency. She prefers this weapon when duelling for its confusing patterns and powerful sweeps.

Personality Description: Isha believes that with the fall of Kalivor some of their combat techniques are in danger of disappearing. she made the choice to try to collect all of the swordfighting techniques before they disappear, and has mastered an impressive array herself. She appears gruff and unfriendly in social situations, but she just believes not to say anything that isnt worth saying. Efficiency and precision are her most valued traits. She plans to eventually find a place to start up a training school to pass on all she has learned, but that is still a far off goal.

Character Background: Born and raised in the Castle of Storms, Isha joined the military at a young age, and though she had no magical ability, she rose fairly quickly through the ranks until she was recommended to join the Storm Knights. The country was sacked before that could happen, however, and she spent over a year in recovery. It was there she took up her quest to save the fighting knowledge of the Kaliveran, and has spent up to now collecting all she could find to that effect. When Elric reunited his people, Isha was quick to rally under his banner, but ended up getting captured in the final battle at the ruined city of Calladris, not moments after Elric disappeared. All she has collected that she does not have with her she has left with a scholar friend in Iselgard's capital, including scrolls, manuals, and a few weapons she is too slim to use effectively.

Magic Use: going to say no, though she wouldn't use it even if she had it ((EDIT: silly, me, why wouldn't she train another weapon in her arsenal? ignore the bold, though i'm keeping it there for some reason unbeknownst to me)
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Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Zagan Mandragora
Character Race: Half-Elf (High elf parent)
Physical Description: Zagan is tall and willowy for a human, but what gives away his elvish heritage the most is the silvery-blond color of his hair. He tends to dress in leathers from animals either he or his uncle have caught. Having learned the art of hunting in his childhood, Zagan has a light step and his gait makes him seems to be stalking something everywhere he goes. He also rarely goes anywhere without his bow and arrows similar to how many carry swords or other weapons with them.
Personality Description: Zagan tends to be quiet most of the time and tends to be uncomfortable in large cities.
Character Background: Zagan was raised in a small village in the western lands. Because he was the result of a brief dalliance between his mother and a passing high elf, Zagan's uncle took the role of a father figure in his life and was the one who taught Zagan a trade to get by with. Although, much of the Western Lands are occupied by farmers, Zagan's uncle was a hunter who spent most of his time managing the population of nearby predators to keep them away from the animal herds. This meant that most of the skills that Zagan learned were those of moving stealthily in the wild to sneak up on animals, those of outdoor survival, and the art of archery. As a result, Zagan has had only limited experience in dealings with other humans.
Nov 10, 2008
Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Emilia "Em" Morgan
Character Race: Human - Westerner

Physical Description: Average height, athletic build, dark hair kept back in a high ponytail. Tanned from spending most of her times outdoors. She wears light clothing, to allow for ease of movement, but also has a hooded cloak. She carries a long sword across her back, a long knife, and a small handheld crossbow.

Personality Description: To Emilia, or Em as she prefers to be called, the most important thing in the world is money. She's always looking for new ways to get some, preferably with as little actual work involved as possible. She has no patience for people preaching about "the right thing to do," since that usually involves not getting any money. Although she can be witty and friendly at times, she generally prefers to keep a low profile, and is very distrusting.

Character Background: Born to a family of bandits living off the small farming communities in the Western Lands, Emilia learned to fight, sneak, and steal early on. Much to Em's annoyance, her mother insisted she learn to read, write, and do basic math. When she was a teenager, most of her family was killed by the Iselgarn military during a failed raid. With not much left to return to, she set off and began wandering the Empire alone, finding whatever "work" she could. Sometimes she worked with other bandits, and sometimes offered her services to the Empire, when they offered enough cash.


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Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Lydia

Character Race: Elven

Age: Lydia's Forgotten.

Physical Description: Lydia was a startling elf. Her hair’s fringes were blue-black that slowly became bright pink towards the center of her head. Her hair was long enough to reach the small of her back. She is a petite elf, smaller then many elven women. In fact she was small enough to be considered a regular human female (5”03), if it weren’t for her startling hair color and eyes. Ah Lydia’s eyes were beautiful. Staring into them was as if staring into a deep glowing pool of amber and honey. Many humans fell head over heels in lust when they stared at her flawless creamy skin. The men came after her faster, with breasts which looked small on regular willowy elven women, but on her they looked huge (Basically a B cup on the tall elves, they become a D Cup for Lydia). Usually wears a backpack and gloves with a stained and dirty robe which underneath Lydia wears a leather suit, with metal on the shoulders, chest, and her nether regions.
Appearance: Basically what I said above just more organized.
Height: 5"03
Breast Size: 40D cup.
Hair: Blue-Black starting at the fringes and becoming bright pink closer to top/center of head.
Eye: Amber Left eye, honey right eye.
Skin-tone: Glowing Flawless creamy skin. (Doesn't get sunburn.)
Head: Dirty/stained gray robe hood.
Shoulders: Light Alloy shoulder guard, with leather underneath, obscure by dirty and stained gray robe
Upper Body: Dirty and stained gray robe obscuring light alloy plates that are above leather suit.
Waist: Dirty/stained gray robe with belt. Leather suit.
Lower Body: Leather suit with a light alloy plates around nether regions.
Feet: Not wearing any shoes, body is harder then most stones passively.

Personality Description: Lydia is willful enough to be considered reckless. Not many people know Lydia since they are usually after her body. Lydia is even considered by the few people that know her, to be semi-selfish when she wants luxury, but in the end she usually gives it to the greater need of people. Due to Lydia having few friends, she is very protective of them. Also Lydia does not know her last name or how long she’s been alive.

Character Background: Lydia is trained in martial arts. Lydia may look small and weak but she can hurl punches strong enough to shatter rock. Lydia is right now researching better ways to increase her training from monks in the Kolvir Mountains.

Magic Use: Yes.


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Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Kara Steamhammer
Character Race: Irongrad Dwarf

Physical Description: Kara's never truly happy unless her face is covered in soot and a little grease; this is a shame, as she's quite fetching when all cleaned up, especially by dwarven standards but even to the other races. She's got a tanned, olive-colored skin and raven black hair that normally hangs in a pony-tail under her steel breastplate. She's built voluptuously, and most dwarves turn a little bit red in the face when they see how well she fills out her armor (which consists of a steel breastplate and helm with visor over leather worker's gear); more than one mining accident has occurred as she passed through a site.

Personality Description: The one love in Kara's life is machinery; she loves to tinker with things and figure out how devices can be improved. Her favorite invention is one of her own making, based off an old design of her grandfather's: a mechanical hand. Kara lost her left hand in an accident during her early teen years, and built herself this one over the course of five years. It's concealed under a leather glove, looking just like the other gloved hand. She was born a lefty, and had to learn to work right-handed during those five years, so now she's ambidextrous.
Kara is extremely cheerful, and very frank and open-minded about most subjects. The only subject that seems to bother her is slavery, which she has extreme feelings against. Kara's one of those exceptional women who is very good-looking but modest about it, and more at home cursing with the guys and drinking them under the table, while showing them up with her mechanical knowledge.

Character Background: The Steamhammers are one of the older and more prestigious tinkering families of the Irongrad Dwarves, and most of the family carries on the tradition of building different kinds of gears for use in larger devices. Gears get ruined and wrecked more often than they are successfully employed amongst the dwarves that incorporate them into their machines, so the product is always in extremely high demand. Kara's family is "loaded."
However Kara decided to follow a different path, and actually design machines, instead of simply making the gears for the machines of others. Her father in particular sees this as a foolish decision, and sent her out into the world of humans to create a salable device. This was a banishment (and almost disowning) in all but name, and she is not to live with her clan until she's found a way to increase the family's holdings through her machinery.

Magic Use: Yes. Kara wouldn't pass up the opportunity to study any magic she had or gained the ability to use.
Dec 4, 2008
Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Valhendil Tinbedel

Character Race:Elven

Physical Description: Valhendil was blessed with a lithe body, being about the height of average human. The sharp, angled outline of his face and burgundy eyes give his face what can only be called a face suited to serious expressions. Long blonde/green hair flows from the crown of his head down to his shoulders, only interrupted by his pointy ears thrusting upwards from the sides of his head.

Personality Description: To those who do not know him, he is self-centred, caring only about his appearance in society and women. However, to the trusted friends that he has had for many years, he is an energetic, proud and also resourceful individual. Through his pride, he does acts of kindness but there are also many times when he does these acts out of genuine generosity. He is also very open about himself and rarely hesititates when introducing himself. Strangely enough, there are also moments when he becomes extraordinarily quiet as if he was in deep thought about an emotional decision which is usually the case.

Character Background: His family has what would be called old money as the Tinbedels have been wealthy for quite some time though not exceedingly so. Valhendil himself was raised and was talented in only a few areas, being considered the norm in others. He was taught to wield a sword from an early age and is also quite capable in a certain board game. His skill in wielding his sword may be only considered slightly advanced compared to others who have practiced as long as he, but his reflexes more than make up for that to cause him to be an astounding fencer.

Magic Use: Yes


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Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Shizuru "Kiyohime" Viola
Character Race: Kaliveran
Physical Description: At a height of 5"3, "Kiyo" has never been an imposing one. Not blessed with the preternatural height of her compatriots, it is often remarked that she looks nothing like the tall, pale Kaliverans. Shoulder length brown locks, curling at the tips, a healthy complexion doubtless induced by time well spent travelling, and her most startling feature - blood red eyes, mark her out as different wherever she wanders. A calm disposition, however, and easy skill with words have led her to make few enemies. Of course, her looks doubtless help. A figure that could hardly be called lightweight, nor excessive, toned from walking, make an attractive image. If you can get round the eyes.
Since her lifestyle requires it, Kiyo has adapted her way of dressing. Though her upbringing leads her towards traditional clothing, she has had to make some sacrifices for comfort, and mobility. This results in her choice of clothing - light cloths and colours, choosing a leather tunic over armour, which she finds too confining and bulky.
At present, Kiyo walks with a noticeable limp - to cope, she carries a long staff, just a little shorter than her, red in colour "To match my eyes".
Personality Description: Kiyo presents a calm, charming demeanour to the world. She seems never startled by anything, nor does she express extremes of emotion - anger, fear, embarassment. Should the world be destroyed by a massive fiery meteor, her last words would probably be "Oh, my." However, this veneer is the result of an upbringing that taught her to control her emotions. No one ever sees what's inside her head - the emotions she shows to others are simulated, those she experiences, hidden. This also leads to a very dangerous method of thinking. To Kiyo, what she wants, is paramount. There is no considering others, considering morality - if a goal requires manipulation, she manipulates. If it requires murder, she can, and has, killed.
Character Background:
Kiyo's parents were once, part of the upper class nobility. A long time ago. At the time of Kiyo's birth, and subsequent upbringing, they lived the life of exiles, always on the move, having very little - a grand step from the high circles they once moved in. Maybe they projected their desires onto their daughter. Whatever their motives, Kiyo was brought up to be a traditional noblewoman - familiar with a dozen forms of etiquette, three languages, the art of conversation, appreciation of fine wines, and tea, though she never could master song. In fact, Kiyo point blank refused to even attempt to sing. Frustrated, her parents arranged for tutors in poetry, calligraphy, and drawing. Though these lessons were often conducted in tents, or makeshift dwellings, or borrowed schoolrooms, they never lost a certain gravitas. Much of her tutelage was undertaken by her mother, a little by her father.
Few of these skills survive to the modern Kiyo. She draws, occasionally, but well, a talented amateur, and still insists on starting her day with a cup of tea - even if it is now from a flask heated over a fire, rather than china teapots. Every now and then a turn of phrase, or quote betrays her education. Few would recognise it, but when called upon to fight, Kiyo draws upon her education once more - brought up to demonstrate expertise in what is known as "The Flowing Breeze" - a form of dance her father taught her, that has origins in combat. Kiyo found it easy enough to work back to the roots of this art, coming up with a fighting style that relies on grace, balance, and speed, often with curving, graceful arcs that catch, and draw the eye, and deceptively soft blows. Most of the time, she relies on her walking staff to provide the edge, though the original art involved the use of a halberd type weapon.
Most recently, Kiyo has been wandering, alone. She works here and there, doing whatever she can, often as a barmaid, or once or twice, bounty hunter. Though that was only an escaped unfortunate - a teenager who was severely depressed, threatening to kill himself.. Kiyo talked him out of it, and returned him to his family for a small reward.
Magic Use: Yes


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Re: Storm War Character Sheets

Character Name: Hotennaab Ivoryember (Prefers to be called upon as Hoten.)
Character Race: High Elf
Weapons: Hoten tends to carry a set of knives hidden on his person, as well as a bow and quiver of arrows, and a small short sword that he crafted back in his homeland before leaving. The sword has a small blue gem implanted at the hilt, which he oftens stares at for reasons known only to him.
Physical Description: Hotennaab stands tall at 7'8", with light-green eyes coupled with virtually white hair that falls to below his shoulders, which he often combs in his free time. He wears a green wool shirt on his chest, as well as a green pair of wool pants, and a chain mail vest under his shirt. He also wears a black vest over his green shirt, and has three small rings of gold in his left ear, as well as four in his right. His skin, strangely, is nowhere near as pale as other High Elves, in fact, his skin looks more like a normal human's.
Personality Description: Hoten tends to feel out of place amongst humans, being as how he is much taller than them, but that doesn't prevent him from associating with them. Hoten tends to get along with people easily as long as they don't mention his height, which tends to embarrass him. Hoten dislikes other Elves, being as he chose to help the Kaliveran Empire many years back. For this, many of his people tend to steer clear of him, and he is even shunned from his home in the northwestern forests. Hoten tends to keep his thoughts to himself and talk to himself a lot. Many times he stares off into the distance or at an open flame for reasons that even he does not know.
Character Background: Hotennaab's history started back when he left his homeland of the northwestern forests to serve the Kaliverans instead of helping the Empire like most of his race. He firmly believed that the Kaliverans deserved to rule the land, and he was a strong supporter of any of their actions. For all the time he spent with them, he was one of their best bowmen, but he wasn't restricted to just that. He showed great prowess in combat, although he was never really famous for his actions. When the Kaliverans lost the war, he managed to escape and went into hiding. For all those years he hid, and waited, watching as the events of the world unfolded, his own life excluded from that of the rest of the humans and elves and dwarves. Now, he has come out of hiding, searching for the one they say is the successor to the throne of the kingdom he once served. Now, he searches the world over for any form of resistance against the Empire to help, and hopefully find The Successor, as he refers to.
Magic Use: Yes
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