Subterranea Characters Thread


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Feb 4, 2011
I am very loose about character creation here so you may post information about your character in whatever format you find most comfortable, just try and post the following information:

Dec 14, 2008
Re: Subterranea Characters Thread

Still under construction, copied to here for easier findy-ness.

Name: Rasp
Species: Argonian (*shrugs* Closest I could come up with, and a cop-out for description)
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Personality: Quiet, practical, and maybe a bit cruel. Takes his job far too seriously.
Appearance: Picture!
Bio: In progress, probably will wait till a history thread goes up, or something of the sort. I tend to need something to work off of.
Equipment/Inventory: Somewhere in between a traditionalist and a tech junkie. Utilizes nanobots to give him stealth capabilities (Chameleon properties, or can form a lattice and take on the image of someone else, though the latter falls apart under any force stiffer than a handshake, and can't hide the tail) and some degree of armour against attacks. The nanobots can replenish from as little as a single bot be being 'fed' any metal object, but such a thing takes time. He relies on a pair of punching daggers as his main weapons, preferring the stealth and stab approach over any sort of direct conflict. When such a thing occurs, he prefers to get in close, disabling one and using it's body as a shield, and it's weapons against any comrades.
Notes: Whee!
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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Subterranea Characters Thread

Name: Liz
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Personality: Cold and Heartless, definitely a selfish bitch
Appearance: at 5'7" shes neither short nor tall, with short unruly blonde hair and gray eyes, she has a decent bust but nothing to write home about and although she only ever looks out for herself, theres always a disarming smile on her face.
Bio: No ones really sure and she isn't telling. She gets the job done and doesn't ask questions. (ex-military turned private contractor, she turned to assassinations to pay the bills and found she had quite the knack for it, 27 successful contracts later and she landed this job, it sounded fishy but the pay was too good to pass up...)
Equipment/Inventory: She doesn't go anywhere without her combat knife and her side-arm, for this mission she also brought a long range rifle and night optics. Better safe then sorry.
Notes: :p See. Just been busy as hell


Nov 28, 2008
Re: Subterranea Characters Thread

Name: Niah
Species: Elven
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Personality: Calm and collected, willing to do what it takes to get the job done, even if it means sacrificing her 'humanity'. She enjoys the thrill of the hunt.
Bio: Being orphaned in a large city is usually bad for a child, and Niah was no different. Having to learn to steal and be quiet amongst the populace however, did make her an excellent candidate for the government's assassin program. Lifted from the streets at the age of 10 with promises of food and money, Niah was trained from that point in the art of hunting prey... usually people.
Equipment/Inventory: Leather armour, sniper rifle, twin daggers. Digital readout glasses that can let her check any messages, local environmental patterns, and thermal/night vision. Climbing gear.
Notes: Elvish nature due to Government genetic experimentation. I really just wanted the pointy ears, and to look like my picture.

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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Subterranea Characters Thread

Name: Delphi
Appearance:5'11" Short cropped red hair, decent bust, wide hips, dark blue eyes, and a predatory face. High cheekbones and a button nose with thin lips and deep set eyes.
Bio:stuff happened, now shes here. (ill fix this when im not pressed for time)
Equipment/Inventory: Just a standard uniform and a length of garrote wire. she prefers things up close and personal
Notes: Have fun
Dec 11, 2008
Re: Subterranea Characters Thread

Name: Loa
Species: Undead Human
Gender: Female
Age: 12 after Death Unknown before Death(26)
Loa doesn’t remember anything from before she resurrected, and though she tries not to dwell on it the question of who she was and whether or not that person would agree with who she has become troubles her. She tries to view life and death as simple states, and refers to herself as ‘on the other side’ rather than undead, dead, deceased, or unliving. She does not believe herself to be alive, and focuses on the strengths of undeath, such as a lighter frame, removed sense of pain, and the ability to go without food, water, or even air, rather than things it lacks, such as a warm blood, the ability to heal oneself, or a pulse. She will loudly proclaim undeath superior to life, and react violently when challenged on its merits, frequently offering to ‘induct’ those who maintain that she would be better off still alive, she’s afraid it might be true and views her return to life as utter impossibility and is insulted by it being offered or suggested.

Loa does not bleed, grow, or heal, any wounds she receives to soft tissue must be knit back together manually and after a while a process she refers to as ‘regenerative decay’ will hide the wound though it remains there, and any wounds inflicted to bone require more inventive measures to repair. However Loa does not feel pain, though she does maintain a subconscious catalog of her body’s state, becoming aware of injuries as they appear, and is able to contextualize sensory information such as heat, cold, moisture, and texture, even with her right hand, though her sense of things is better with her left.

This does not affect her moods, though most corporeal sense information is numb or dull to her, including touch and taste, she is still aware of it. For this reason she prefers violently spicy or flavorful foods, though she does not need to eat. She does not date, at all, others either finding her repulsive or far too attractive for her comfort, so she prefers to focus on her work, and takes visceral pleasure in bleeding living flesh.
Appearance: Concept Sketch
Loa remembers nothing of her life before she was dead. The first thing she remembers is waking up in a dumpster, naked and with rats eating her right hand. They proved difficult to de-sway and managed in eating most of her fingers before she drove them off, the rest of the flesh simply flaked off, and the meat around her right hand continues to be poorly attached to this day, a fact which annoys her greatly, since if she is, as many assume her to be neigh-immortal, than eventually all of her flesh may fall off, all because some rats got the better of her.

Upon waking the second thing she did was search for her memory, the first was to find, empty, and convert a trash bag into clothing. She was unable to find any traces of the cause of her resurrection, and grew increasingly annoyed with the various parties who offered her assistance, various groups ranging from religious to scientific to the cabal, most of whom promised to find out whatever they could in exchange for her letting them perform ‘rituals/experiments’ involving her. She may have been dead but her brain worked fine and she declined all of their offers, sometimes violently.

It was through such violence that she found herself with a gift for death. Whether given some supernatural affinity, or simply invigorated by the inability to lose her own life, Loa, a name taken from the voodoo religion, referring to benevolent spirits, possessed a remarkable talent for murder. She began as a hired killer, through which she earned the moniker ‘The Hand of Death’ one which she embraced by having it tattooed across her chest, the first of a few tattoos, ranging from hash marks around both arms, a semi-accurate skull across her right shoulder, and a cartoonish skull in place of pubic hair, which she cannot grow.
Equipment/Inventory: 6in Combat Knife, Garrote Wire, 3in Ceramic Combat Knife, Military Boots, Cargo Pants, Braided Leather Belt w/metal buckle, medical sewing kit, climbing kit.
Notes: Her body is lighter than normal due to dehydration; she uses this to maneuver faster during combat. She also likes scaring her enemies.
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