[test thread please ignore]

Aug 29, 2016
Since it's not a bad idea (not my own) to have an extra thread to move some longer and/or bigger discussions related to "In today's news..." I am dropping this thread as such.
If a debate of any kind gets too big, feel free to move it here.
Since people being a part of conversation may easily not realize that they are taking space in news thread, just remind them. However, don't jump to conclusion right away, few posts related to topic at hand may just not be worth to jumping and screaming "go away". If other news pops out but discussion is still going hard or it's another damn page of it, then it's more than safe to assume this is a good place for it.
Otherwise it will quickly turn into "He/She commented! To discussion thread with you!", so don't be that obnoxious person :p

Also, for whatever topic it may be, guys, chill out, conversations are good, not agreeing with someone is fine. A person doesn't change their viewpoint to yours? It's fine, I know it bothers many, but we are not monkeys to throw poop, sometimes you just have to accept it.


A bug
Apr 8, 2009
I say let this one stand. The title of the other thread is way too specific even with the caveat tagged on at the end, and I'm fairly certain a lot of people won't realize it as a general discussion/debate thread.
Aug 29, 2016
Title can be changed at any time. Since Bob was first with that, I will leave the decision to him and if none is made, I will wipe it.
Feb 2, 2014
I mean, Termite being the only one to object, not really much of a vote. I guess if people want a second thread, keep it. Otherwise, terminate with extreme prejudice.
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