The Battle for Vega IV

Dec 14, 2008
Re: The Battle for Vega IV

Linda took a moment to search the nearby windows from the one Kenzo had hit the snipers in, making sure they weren't about to get hit from another angle.

Then the teleport happened. Linda cursed quietly and ducked as she suddenly found herself in the open bay, surrounded by other marines. when Kenzo's call came in, she just took a quick look around and found him scattered in the crowd. "Over here Captain." She said as she walked over to him, showing up on his side. "Just what the hell happened, might I ask?"
Dec 6, 2009
Re: The Battle for Vega IV

Terra was aiming, firing and ducking and repeating; staying low until she reloaded and popping up only to pick off incoming Harbingers and then dropping down and occasionally reloading. She had just popped back up to take out another foe, when the teleport happened. She found herself aiming her rifle at a friendly, before suddenly freezing and slowly lowering it, "Oh.....God. S-sorry sir." She said to the man before backing and dropping her gun to her side "What in the fu-" She said in confusion, before she got Kenzo's message, "Y-yes, Sir. I'm here. And I suppose I'm okay, considering we haven't been teleported into a hostile ship. What the hell just happened, sir? Where are we?" She said in a concerned but not panicked tone of voice as she would slowly kneel down in her current spot awaiting (hopefully) an explanation from her CO.


Tentacle Smut Lord
Nov 10, 2008
Re: The Battle for Vega IV

The scientist was hiding and shooting as he try to resist until any soldier need medic treatment, after aim and kill a low number of foes as he was in a defensive combat, some unexpected alteration in the space call his attention Great we get out of here

In the instant he was in the cargo bay of a ship, surrounded by the others soldiers who were fighting at his side a moment ago and then he hear the voice of the soldier in charge calling for a head count, he walked to where he hear the voice and wave his hand Here!! before check if he can return to his cabin to take another book or cassette
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