The Nasara (Siphon's Ship)

Nov 10, 2008
Re: The Nasara (Siphon's Ship)

Siphon's remark about being a guard dog seems to have satisfied the Krogan. He's not grumbling nearly as much when they get back to the Nasara.

James and Jack, it seemed, hadn't gone far from the transport room, just enough out of the way that they wouldn't be a detriment when the others beamed up.

"Everything okay down there, Lola?" He's subtle about it, but James is giving her a once-over.

"Everything's good. We brought back something that's hopefully a lead, provided Siphon doesn't do something to blow us all up when he tinkers with it." She shoots the other commander a bit of a grin. "I'm thinking we're heading back to the station, so at ease, folks."

The Normandy crew will take their leave, unless any of them are needed for anything. James will catch Lilith's eye and toss a very slight nod of his head in Jack's direction along with a flick of his eyes. She'll respond with barely a nod. And unless Siphon or Aya needs them for anything, the group will take their leave, finding somewhere on the ship to relax, recoup, and just be out of the way.

(Saving Lil and Jack until after any response you might have and in case you need any of them.)


Nov 10, 2008
Re: The Nasara (Siphon's Ship)

Siphon let out a short chuckle.

"I'll try not to make us go Supernova too quickly."

It seems he wasn't above a joke or two himself, and, from all signs, was in at least a slightly better mood than he had been on the planet. Then again, from the info they now knew, who could blame him for being so angry?

((Will let you do your thing with whoever you need before I funnel in Wolf's bit to tie up loose ends.))
Nov 10, 2008
Re: The Nasara (Siphon's Ship)

"Can't outrun the explosion when it's in the ship, just remember that," Lilith returns with a smirk. Given they're not needed and it isn't their ship to run, she and hers will stay out of the way. James makes it a point to hook Grunt away from the Commander, mentioning something about seeing about some grub or finding somewhere they can safely exchange a few punches in the short time it'll take them to get back to the station. Lilith, meanwhile, has the unenviable task of trying to talk to a sour-looking Jack.

"If you're just going to try and cheer me up, save your breath."

"I know you better than that, Jack. Gonna tell me what's eating you?"

"Who says there's something--"

"Because that's not your usual 'fuck with me and I'll rip your face off' expression. That's your 'I'm angry and I have nothing to direct it at' face."

"Well, aren't you just a goddamn detective." Another clue Lilith had was the fact that Jack was chaffing one of her arms. It was a tell she'd picked up when she realized punching the walls of the Normandy would only result in broken fingers.

"I won't say that it's not you, because we don't know. Be angry at them. Siphon is. You both have every right to be. Siphon just happened to get to him first."

Knowing what Jack had been through and what the Klarnell was insinuating, anything Lilith could say to comfort or reassure Jack would sound like spouting platitudes. That she knew the crew. Knew Jack. Knew they wouldn't have gone down without a fight. Without making their attackers pay dearly. Even knowing what they faced, her people would have fought to the last and probably did. Hell, they might have even been buying Jack enough time to leave the message. Or escape. There's no way they would have just shown their bellies.

Reaching out, she laid a hand on the other woman's shoulder, a simple gesture to most but one that had taken her long strides to reach with Jack. There was a twitch under her palm but Jack let her keep it there.

"Whatever happened, it's in the past. Whether it's yours or another you. And we have a history of spectacularly eradicating your past, don't we?"

Jack snorted out a laugh. "Yeah, we do." Her lips pursed some. "I didn't like hearing what that asshole had to say. I'm glad Siphon shut him up."

"None of us did, Jack. Just keep that in mind, okay?"

That earned her a glance, a look that stripped away the walls for a fraction of a moment, where the girl Jack was peeked out from behind the walls of "untouchable convict badass." "Yeah. Whatever." There was enough of a pause between the two words to hint she knew Shepard, and the others, cared. She just wasn't about to let them see it.

Lilith withdrew her hand. "Take some time when we get back to the station. Just don't break anything. Or anyone."

"God, Shepard, you've got a big a stick up your ass as your boyfriend. Hey, do you--"

"Don't even."

Jack snorted again and the two separated, Lilith watching the other girl retreat to somewhere on the ship she could relax. Maybe the Klarnell's words weren't exactly empty threats, but at least Jack wasn't going to let them weigh her down. She'd grown past that. If nothing else, it would only make her more fierce if she had to deal with them again.
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