Tokyo, Japan


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Tokyo, Japan

Takeshi, having heard Reaver, begins another dive. This time, however, he heads directly for Reaver's head. Once there, Reaver can hear Takeshi's voice inside his cyber-brain. "Reaver. I'm going to try and trace the hack to the point of origin. Remember, we need him alive and able to speak." he says, then goes about his business.

The suspect remains on his knees, struggling to stand with only one arm, then falls down and reaches into his coat with his remaining arm, pulling out a remote control of some kind. It would be at this point that Reaver would see two small plates attached to the back of the man's neck, designed to burn out his entire cyber-brain if activated.


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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Tokyo, Japan

"Oh shit, Takeshi, we've got a problem!" Reaver growls as he lines up his rifle and fires, intending to blow the man's whole arm off to stop him from frying himself.


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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Tokyo, Japan

Seeing what the man was about to do but knowing he couldn't do much about it, Rob grunts into his radio; "Don't miss this time Reaver."

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