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Nov 10, 2017
If it's only 1-2 enemies, it shouldn't be a big issue.
OR, you can also have a toggle - pick 1 or 2 female enemies that can become futa if toggle is on (random?). Does require a bit more work, and it would basically only be checked on defeat. Is the toggle on? Then roll random to see if female defeat scene or futa scene is played
It's not a problem with tech/logical implementation, more like time/art availability. Your idea of implementation is quite close to the basic way to do it. If all goes well, Yorna will achieve the first goal in August and something like this may become available.
Nov 10, 2017

Yorna v0.2.0 is ready for download and you can get it here. Lots of fresh stuff from new zones and weapons to H scenes, dresses and monster girl cutscenes.

Let’s start with the lewd stuff.

Graphic and scenes

v0.2.0 has 2 new scenes in lewd and normal variations – 4 new unlocks for the gallery. The “maid job” recursive scenes receive 13 new frames with new graphics and 2 new clients with their own character and gifts for the job well done. New frames are focused on Ada working with her hand and happy endings.

As the result, recursive scenes has more variety now. I will add lewd sound to these scenes during the next update – didn’t have the time in this dev cycle.

Monster girls receive their own sprites and mini-cutscenes in the castle. Calista the lamia will receive her unique sprite in the next update and I will try to move from generic stuff towards more specific and original graphics. Yorna v0.2.0 has 2 custscenes: 1 for Leary and another one for Gabby.

You can try out 2 new dresses. One can be crafted after updating you castle to lvl 1, which you could do in the v0.1.5. Check Diana’s shop afterward. The lamia boss has the other one.

Your castle and improvements

Players can upgrade their default “Firepuff” magic skill to a more powerful “Fireblast” in the luxurious Ada’s room. Check the bookshelves on the left.

You can upgrade your garden with a batch of red herbs for alchemy and other crafting needs. Also, I added a well inside the herb garden to gather water. All water gathering yields twice the amount to speed up the gathering process.

Castle receives a default “kitchen/mess hall” zone where you can buy food with a discount. Plus, you can check how well Gabby is behaving while you are gone. After all, the girl has her needs…

Arthur no longer gives the introductory cutscene if the player visited Ada’s room on their own before triggering it.

Crafting and alchemy

Sand tribe’s town offers a book with advanced alchemy recipes. Buying it unlocks new types of more effective potions.

Added materials to monster’s drop list to make crafting easier and more appealing. Reduced crafting cost for some weapons to make them available earlier.

Interface and GUI

Added gold window to the main “on-map” menu. Now you can check you money by hitting the escape anywhere.

Moved status bar under HP and MP bars so players could clearly see the debuff or buff icons.

Removed confirmation on healing items in-combat because Ada is the only correct target for them.

Increased the size of gallery preview pictures so you can clearly see the details. The screen holds 4x3 pictures at the current configuration.

Added scrolling to the gallery mode. To view all the scenes (14) you need to scroll down by pressing the arrow with the mouse pointer or tapping down on the keyboard.

Renamed “Blowjob” to “Oral” as Ada will get opportunities to dive between ladies’ legs too.

Balance & enemies

Placed some monsters further away from entry points so players could away combat if they decide to do so.

Rebalanced the oni so you can beat her easier. She was pretty tough in the v0.1.5 and players had problems with her.

Adjusted skeleton’s movements speed to the usual “aggressive standard”. They were faster than intended.

Losing to monster and bosses now yields less SP. I increased SP for wins to counter this change.

Other changes and improvements

Deleted debug tiles which slipped in during the previous dev cycle. No more cheating :p

Fixed mountain tiles on the global map. Now they are stick together correctly.

Fixed ignored sprite hide command for Ada during one of the dialogues with Arthur.

Fixed some lewd sounds which had a strange panning to the right. Must be a misconfig on my part.

Fixed a bug with the gallery not unlocking second type of the scene for a specific monster if players already got one type of scene unlocked and had “Skip” as their watched scenes option. Now it works with all options.

Fixed a bug which blocked the alchemy table in Ada’s room. Now you can brew at home too!

Fixed visual jitter if players attempted to use a pedestal in oni’s puzzle without orbs in their inventory.

Fixed some typos and missing actor tags in dialogs.


Whew! This is the longest changelog so far. Stay tuned for upcoming dev plans and polls!
Sep 27, 2016
I'm really enjoying what you're showing so far, but I'm a bit concerned that you seem to be ignoring my pointing out that this game is almost exactly the same as Melty's quest, just a new skin over it.

Am I the only one seeing this?


Tentacle God
Jul 29, 2010
I'm really enjoying what you're showing so far, but I'm a bit concerned that you seem to be ignoring my pointing out that this game is almost exactly the same as Melty's quest, just a new skin over it.

Am I the only one seeing this?
So what do you want exactly? For the dev to suspend production in an attempt to find a plotline and game-loop for a porn-game that hasn't ever been done before?

No matter what gameplay style or plotline you use, there's an extremely high chance that someone will be able to stroll into the thread and say 'Oh, so it's like [X] game then?'

This is true of all media.
Nov 10, 2017
I'm really enjoying what you're showing so far, but I'm a bit concerned that you seem to be ignoring my pointing out that this game is almost exactly the same as Melty's quest, just a new skin over it.

Am I the only one seeing this?
Happy to see you like how Yorna is progressing and support me to make it better and better. As for your thoughts, I'm not ignoring such statements. They are just... not applicable in the vast majority of cases. For example, some fine connoisseurs discerned that Yorna is a copy of Noxian Nights. Yes, you read that right. What can I answer to such opinion? Dunno. I smile, nod and go do my own thing.

Don't get me wrong. Indeed, Yorna uses ideas from several other games both RPG Maker and other engines. If you tried League of Corruption, you know how I tried to make the game based only on my own solutions and mechanics. Here's the biggest point where people form their strange opinions like "RPG Maker games are easy. What can go wrong?" A lot. And a lot went awry in LoC's case. Clunky mechanics, clear and forget zones, questionable semi-realistic graphics, etc, etc.

That's why during Yorna's prototyping I dug through a lot of games to salvage interesting mechanics, analyze them and expand/improve in my own vision. Vitamin, Sacred eyes, Melty's and several other games served as my study material to form the prototype for Yorna as you see it now. Yes, Yorna has elements from other games but I make it in my own style. Calling it a reskin is a wee bit too much. Still, it's understandable for people who never tried to make their own game.

But a rich guy pays Ada for sex! Well, yeah... How much can a poor guy pay for sex? But you have a maid dress! Who doesn't? It's a classic for lewd games. But you have lewd levels for the heroine! A lot of games use such mechanics as they increase full clear time. But you have lamia in the game same as X! My patrons decide which monster girl will appear in the next update. Looks like we need to make a pack of tinfoil hats - the conspiracy is obvious.

Did I miss something? Whatever. What really matters to me as the creator - you enjoy the game I make. And if someone wants to point out similarities with other projects... Let them be my guest, perhaps fans of that project will try out Yorna too.

History knows a lot of cases how the same base idea or setting lead authors to different conclusions and results. If you look closely on some products, you’ll find their authors drawing inspiration from older plots via books and movies. Nothing wrong here. "Dead Space" drew inspiration on John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, which in turn is based on John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There?” Each author made his own touches and shaped the story in their own way.

It goes even further. Robert Silverberg’s “The Man in the Maze” uses Sophocles' play Philoctetes, changes some details and shifts the setting to the post-cosmic era. How about that? You’ll probably find the same ideas used somewhere by someone to some degree. It shouldn't stop authors in fleshing out their own vision from plots or ideas.


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Jan 4, 2010
I'm really enjoying what you're showing so far, but I'm a bit concerned that you seem to be ignoring my pointing out that this game is almost exactly the same as Melty's quest, just a new skin over it.

Am I the only one seeing this?
I pointed this out early on, but also, it is what it is. As long as Yeehaw doesn't directly lift assets like the art, maps, or exact skills/items/other parts of the database, it's kind of a 'so what?' situation, and it looks like Yorna has made enough changes to become its own spin, albeit still very similar.

Basically, if you liked Meltys Quest, then Yorna should look pretty promising. If the dev for Meltys Quest had, issues, well, that would be another story, but short of that, imitation is the highest for of flattery.
Nov 10, 2017
August's "Next monster girl" poll is over and it's time to announce the winner. Jinko leads with 16 points, Honey Bee us close behind with 14 and the third place goes to Kakuen with 10 points. Lizard ends up 3 and poor Ratatosk and Holstaur have 0.

One big cat is coming up in v0.2.5. Mrawr!

Please note, wiki image is here to give you a general look of a specific monster girl type and the final version may be a bit different.

Now let’s talk about the artist poll. Cash wins with a huge lead of 20 points. Both Comanch and Rptrz got 3 points. Alright! I'm already hashing the details with him and it's perhaps we can slip in 1 extra scene for Yorna v0.2.5. No promises though, as it all depends on the artist.
Nov 10, 2017
Due to an appearance of a new bug, I updated Yorna to fix the "Maid Job" scene problem.

If you downloaded v0.2.0 release earlier, you can replace one file to get the same effect. It's faster and will get you the same result. Just place it into the www/data folder and agree to overwrite the existing file.

Sorry for the trouble.

Windows – Google Disk | Mega mirror
MacOS X – Google Disk | Mega mirror
Linux family – Google Disk | Mega mirror
Nov 10, 2017

I decided to shift the release earlier because I’m going on another business trip today and can’t guarantee a stable connection to make a proper release.

You can get the fresh version here.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s new in Yorna v0.2.5 aside from the usual new zones and story pack:

Scenes and Art

V0.2.5 has 2 new base scenes, each with 2 variations - normal and slutty.

The mansion got a new type of interactive scene - coach adventures with some backside exploring. The scene has all the 3 clients from the start and supports gallery activation. Similar to the first, blowjob scene, it will receive extra frames and branches in the next Yorna update, bringing it to the full intended scale. Also, I plan to do a half-clothed version in v0.3.0 if the time will permit it.

Just as previous feedback poll suggested, I added H sounds to all interactive maid scenes, both new and old. This change includes all clients and variations inside the scene.

The second base scene is centered on the big cat that you will find in the new forest zone along the plot line. ”The Big Fluff” monster girl is also present but, at this update, limited to plot story involvement, cutscenes and some mind-reading tricks. Also, teasing and fluff domination :p

Main Features

Yorna received the base logic for enchanting items and you can test it out with the sword part you’ve been collecting through your journey. v0.2.5 has the third and last piece so you can assemble the blade and tune it to your preferred play style. To use this feature, you’ll need to restore your castle after gaining the trust of a certain furball.

There are other improvements you can do - like repairing the shortcut bridge to your castle. Visit the lumberjack village for this opportunity.

I will expand the enchanting system to more items in the upcoming updates since the idea of giving more slots for equipment weren‘t solved in a satisfactory way. Every solution had its own drawbacks, so I decided to do this kind of sidestep. So far I see no penalties for using it and plan to support it all the way to Yorna’s final release.

v0.2.5 got the biggest pack of cutscenes and monster girl sprites out of all previous ones. All of them received synchronization of big on-screen sprites and portraits inside the text block. This includes all the previous monster girl cutscenes too.

I plan to use such cutscenes to add more monster girl interaction after their initial capture and some choices with buff or item rewards in the future.

Also, I finished all the monster girls sprites and plan to avoid using general ”flying ball” as an enemy sprite. Hopefully, this will add a bit of immersion to the game.

Small improvements and fixes:

Adjusted the gold line in the after-battle loot window so it doesn‘t climb higher than intended.

Fixed a single castle tile which was ignoring local -> global map size conversion. No more pygmy Ada :p

Re-marked craftable sword pieces as key items to avoid showing them in the regular inventory and confusing players.

Changed active piano sounds in the mansion.

Reduced costs for Sand Town smithy – the novice staff was too expensive.

Fixed a rare looped start for the interactive maid job scenes. It sometimes happened right after finishing one scene and the second one started without getting the money from Jack.

Added a mention of a local alchemist during Deadroot monologue to help players locate the interested person.

Fixed alchemist quest so she no longer asks players to get some Deadroot after they already gave some to her.

Changed grass graphics inside the Grey encampment - the edge is no longer looking like it’s close to a chasm.

Fixed some typos, missing dialogue tags and passable map geometry.
Nov 10, 2017
Monster girl poll is over and here are the results:

Raiju wins with a huge lead – 32 points. Second place goes to Moth with 16 points. Glacies and Uki-Onna are close with 10 and 11 points. Yeti ends up with 7 and poor Selkie got only 6.

I’ll use both first and second places for version 0.3. Looks like this approach will be more flexible in the future if I won’t need a specific girl for plot reasons.

Also, I’ve got different feedback about the current gallery logic, to be precise - names for locked scenes. Some players want to see names for all scenes, even locked ones. Others find interest in exploring the requirements for various H events without hints.

You can take part in this public poll here. It will be up for a week so everyone can participate.


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Jul 12, 2009
Love the art. My biggest criticism is the absence of combat CGs. I can understand deciding not to create it, it's a lot of work especially if you want to avoid it becoming repetitive, however it often more than makes the difference between a decent H-RPG and a great one. It's made especially frustrating by the fact enemies have supposedly lewd attacks in battle. Will this change at any point, or is it only ever going to be ROL/GOR?
Nov 10, 2017
Love the art. My biggest criticism is the absence of combat CGs. I can understand deciding not to create it, it's a lot of work especially if you want to avoid it becoming repetitive, however it often more than makes the difference between a decent H-RPG and a great one. It's made especially frustrating by the fact enemies have supposedly lewd attacks in battle. Will this change at any point, or is it only ever going to be ROL/GOR?
As much as I would love to implement battle sex art right away, current resources aren’t allowing for much. With the new artist starting to work and the oldest one probably leaving before the next update, Yorna has a lot of management processes going on behind the scenes. I still want to do them but sadly can’t give any specific date.

Depending on the implementation, these cut-ins can be a lot of work. As you said, I can do a simple animation with Ada‘s face for enemy lewd attacks but they will be repeatable. Something like two variations - for magical and physical attacks. There’s more to it of course - like different interactions for different dresses. While this can be interesting, it will require a lot of work so each dress can receive their own cut-in. And if we add different interaction for all the enemies, it spans out of control quickly.

Yes, battle animations are on the list but I can’t give you any details about the date. The first kind of implementation will most likely be the simple 2 cut-ins with Ada's face. I will see I can do from there.
Jul 19, 2016
My biggest criticism is the absence of combat CGs.
I'd prefer that to be a feature that'll be added post-developmental phase. It'd be nice to just boot up the game on release and see something completely new right out of the gate. Also the creator, in this case being @YeehawGames, doesn't have to worry about making double the CGs for every new fight that's implemented this early on.


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Jul 12, 2009
Yeah don't get me wrong, the last thing I'd want is for this to be rushed or for @YeehawGames to be spread thin. Just wanted to know if such a feature was on the cards at all.
Nov 10, 2017

A lot of releases shift a bit forward due to my work schedule - this one is not an exception. Oh well... Yorna v0.3 is here and ready to roll!

You can get the fresh version here.

So let's check what's new aside from the usual cutscene and story pack and start with H scenes:

Due to the previous goal and the new artist I prepared 3 scenes + extra frames for the sofa scene in the mansion. News H events feature moth, raiju and Baron Sebastian in a special scene after getting a high score with any of the clients.

I added a clothed variation to the sofa scene and made different frames for outer and inner finishes. 10 new frames in total for this scene. Special event with the baron is a one-time scene so getting a normal variation will unlock the lewd one too and vice versa.

I hope the next month will involve less "behind the scenes" changes and more work done. Yet it's understandable that newcomers require some time to settle in. Hopefully, the next month artist can step back a bit and update an existing scene for better quality. Something like we already did with mansion's scenes.

We'll see how it'll go.

Performance and tech updates

I migrated Yorna to RPG Maker v1.6.1 and Kadokawa fixed most of the problems in a year. I also tweaked the plugins and pruned less useful of them. Both garbage collector and pixi graphical engine received some love too.

The results are quite nice - resource consumption went down x1.8-x2 compared to 1.5.2. Yes, there is a gap in results due to the testing methods I used – I’m pretty sure no one will fast-forward different scenes 50 times in a row. Right?

All features and saves are compatible so you don't have to worry about starting a new game for Yorna v0.3. There are some things to polish but I’m happy with the results as is. The next big tech thing will be MacOS investigation.

I shortened the SP calculating delay after battles as some players thought their game froze. The logical functions are still the same.

Features and interface

Players wanted to see the names for H scenes in the gallery, even locked ones. I implemented this feature so you can get the hint how to get your locked events.

Deafeted monster girls will offer a small stat increase after you bring them to the castle. This is still a work in progress and you can expect more such interactions. Check your castle - these events are among the new monster girl cutscenes pack.

Now you can buy herbal tea to counter Ada's lewdness if it gets too high for your liking. You can't get her to a completely pure state though and remember - using the tea will make lewd skill training harder in the future.

Added dynamic shadows as a test feature. This means they will properly darken all objects under them, not just floor. Default RPG Maker's shadows are boxy and meh at best so I experimented a bit. If all goes well all shadows will be swapped to the advanced variation.

Minor updates and fixes

Fixed a flicker with calculating numbers inside the combat screen. Now there's nothing appearing under Ada's HP and MP bars during hit animations.

Arranged combat sprites closer to the center of the screen for better composition.

Increased healing skills cast speed to help players with "Oh crap" situations.

Changed Jack's dialog so he could appropriately comment on Ada's lewd level during their first scene.

Blocked the function to press and hold action button on permanent interactive vents like wells. Plugins didn't like such interactions.

Fixed a small cliff inside the desert zone. Previously players could climb it even without vines.

Allowed to eat "lizard-on-a-stick" item both during combat and map exploration as it was intended. Yummy! (Careful with food poisoning tho)

Fixed gnoll's battle skill description during the animation.

Fixed jinko's (tiger) scene results. Now it properly unlocks her scenes according to Ada's lewd level and checks if the player wants to skip the second playthrough of her scene.

Fixed Diana's store not offering all the intended dresses after upgrading the castle to the last stage.

The usual typo and dialogue tag fixing.
Nov 10, 2017

Another poll finished so let’s see who did you pick this time. Nereid wins the race with 20 points. Both Apsara and Scylla got 15 points and receive the second place. The third one goes to the Sea Slime with 13 points. Mermaid is close behind with 12 points and Tritonia finishes with 7.

Thanks for participating!

Please note, these images are here to give you a general look of a specific monster girl type and the final version may be a bit different.
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