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Nov 10, 2017

Version 0.3 is up and ready for download. The full changelog is here and you can get the game here:

Windows – Google Disk | Mega mirror

MacOS X – Google Disk | Mega mirror

Linux family – Google Disk | Mega mirror

This release features a tech overhaul, including an attempt to address MacOS problems. A special note for Mac users - try running Yorna in the native environment and see if it plays fine. Testing on a virtual machine completed successfully yet live tech can be a bit different.

Please, contact me if you encounter any kind of stability, performance or other issues.
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Nov 10, 2017
I’m releasing a hotfixed version of v0.3 due to a nasty bug sneaking into the public version. You can get the fresh build (0.3a) here:

Windows – Google Disk | Mega mirror

MacOS X – Google Disk | Mega mirror

Linux family – Google Disk | Mega mirror

If you don’t want to re-download the entire game you can swap these three files: Map - Map - Events. Place all the files inside the www\data directory (and confirm the overwrite). This fixes the problem with the baron’s scene. If you made a save inside the bugged H event map - use the ladder to get down to the first floor, just as you would normally do on the second floor.

Sorry for the trouble.
Nov 10, 2017

Whoa, the month was hectic with an artist rotating out of the development cycle. Still, the next version is ready for download. You can get Yorna v0.3.5 here.

Let’s see what’s new in this update aside from the usual story package.

H Scenes and art

You can get new 4 new scenes. 2 base events, both of them with lewd and normal variations. We also added the first batch of new frames to the moth scene. You don’t need to re-unlock it, just you the gallery if you had it before the update. As I mentioned earlier scenes will get some love in the future updates.

I postponed the third scene to November and it will be the third variation of the mansion “Maid Job” H event with Ada being… on top of things. More on this in the upcoming developer plans for November -> December.

Mechanics and gameplay

Version 0.3.5 has 2 new dresses for Ada: one for beating up the boss and the second one is available in Diana’s shop. Craftable dress features new mechanic – stealth. Using the active skill of this dress, you can ignore common enemies, as they can’t initiate the combat with Ada even if they catch her. Use it for resource gathering and puzzle solving.

I saw the parity inside the cutscenes poll and will weight my ideas accordingly for the upcoming releases. 0.3.5 still has a pretty lighthearted mood for most of the cutscenes. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any cute or funny events in the future though.

Your castle’s lab is finally up and running! For now, you can upgrade a bunch of trinkets but with time you’ll get options with weapons and armor too. Talk with the lab staff to access the upgrade menu and prepare to spend your cash together with the new material – focus crystals. To avoid various strange scenarios players should un-equip the item they want to strengthen. Otherwise, it won’t appear in the menu.

A new type of game package

Testing showed I can use online platforms to deploy Yorna for playing in browsers. Controls are the same, including mouse options and the game runs smoothly performance-wise. The problem for such deployment is underlying web server - sometimes Yorna’s logic breaks completely while other web servers allow achieving performance close to a local client.

This means I will try several platforms for distributing the public version of Yorna and see how it‘ll go. If everything will be fine players will get another option to play the game without even downloading it. Yet no promises - it all depends on the platform and its staff.

Small fixes and improvements

Added a switch to bring the desert puzzle back to its original state. It’s on the northern wall of the room.

Switched the “glow” effect material nodes have from white to red for the winter regions to make them more noticeable. Crystal caverns use sparks instead.

Healing via the statue shrine will not force players to confirm the info message. Now you can use the statue and immediately move even with animations still playing.

Fixed Sebastian’s special scene in the mansion. Now it correctly works for both lewd and normal variants without allowing players to trigger it twice.

Re-linked the requirements for getting into Oni’s sand caves to finishing the first of Arthur’s quests – get him the Mothercare plant instead of overall clear. Some players got confused why their castle never progressed – that’s why.

Ada and enemy skill changes. Previously mage path with spamming firepuff/fireblasts had too much value for 1 mana point.

Added a note about saving before checking out the gallery if players used boss unlockable items after defeating them.

Leary, Gabby and Calista no longer disappear before their cutscenes end so Ada doesn’t talk with an empty space anymore.

Arthur will not only check if Ada has needed materials during the first update but also take them after player’s confirmation.

Added a note about the mountains in the East to the help message when Ada talks about Oni’s caves.

Spell blade now actually uses zoom-zoom sound during the attack – just as its description says.

Stay tuned for upcoming developer's plan post.
Nov 10, 2017

An early release due to my business trip tomorrow. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee a stable connection tomorrow. The full changelog is available here.

Version 0.3.5 is up and ready for download. You can get it here:

Windows – Google Disk | Mega mirror
MacOS X – Google Disk | Mega mirror
Linux family – Google Disk | Mega mirror

Don't forget to copy your whole save folder inside the new release!
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Nov 10, 2017

Yorna v0.4 is ready and you can get it here. Let’s see what’s new in the update aside from the usual plot + puzzle combo.

Graphics and art

H events will start the list. You can get 3 new base scenes, each with 2 variations - normal and lusty. There’s one scene for the boss, another one is for the common monster (minotaur) and the last one is in the mansion. I’ll see if the new artist will keep up with 3 scenes plan in the future.

3 new dresses for Ada, now including passive skills and for the first time - a capped lewd level for one of the dresses. Passive skills will be active after learning them regardless of the current lewd stats. Players can get them like all other skills - by maxing out SP of the dress and don’t require any kind of special activation.

Roughly half of the maps received an update. Some got bigger so dialogue sprites won’t cover the map characters during cutscenes - like Nymph’s forest. Others received shadow touch-up and fixing like Sand Caves region. Now the shading will react to everything under it, including environment and characters. I will try to upgrade the rest in the next update.

Game mechanics

Now you can try your instincts with new treasure hunting activity. After repairing the castle for the first time with Arthur’s help, a shady character will appear at the courtyard. He will offer you to buy a pack of maps with hidden goodies.

Using the map in the inventory will bring up a small section of the map with an X - the right spot to dig. Use the shovel and get the loot! One of the new dresses is hidden in one such chest. Oh, and don’t worry - all treasures worth more than their price. New releases will bring more maps and hidden goodies.

Castle changes and upgrades

Your lab received 2 changes in v0.4. First of all, enchantment service is available earlier in the game - right after taming the fire crystal at Ayane’s shrine. Taming the air crystal will unlock an option to upgrade Ada’s weapons. The list includes puzzle and shop weapons, plus unique weapons like Fang and Spellblade.

Mio, the oracle cat-girl, settles in Ada’s castle with new cutscenes including her teacher and a certain fairy. I remember some players wanted to see more serious scenes yet she’s too small and cute to be too serious.

Small changes and fixes

Fixed the herbal tea, now it doesn’t cause dress change loops if Ada’s lewd level became too low for equipping the previous dress. Grey uniform serves as the fallback option for such cases.

Fixed the H scene with Sebastian and the piano. Now it correctly shows up in the gallery after unlocking.

Cleared diagnostic tiles which sneaked into v0.3.5 and double-check v0.4.

Increased the inactivity time for common enemies after touching Ada in sneak mode. I’ll think about switching off ”chase” behavior for the stealth mode in the next update.

Tome of advanced alchemy now correctly applies the new recipes to all places where players can brew their own potions.

Fixed some exit points in Sand Caves regions - now enemies can’t wander off the map grid.

Added more random mini-events with characters for your castle. Now it will be a bit livelier.

Leary correctly turns to face the player in her initial pre-combat cutscene instead of talking with her back facing Ada. Rooood.

Added an obvious hint in the bridge section of the desert to point out that the vines are interactive.

Fixed more than 100% cleared content in saved stats.
Nov 10, 2017
Time flies and soon 2019 will arrive. Well, it Yorna proved to be an interesting experiment. Not flawless yet much more successful than League of Corruption and I’m still not done with it. Let’s see what v0.5 will bring aside from the usual story, scene and puzzle package.

First of all, yes, it’s 0.5, not 0.4.5. As I already mentioned in the previous dev update - I’m not planning to drag Yorna to v27.1.054 and spend several years on it. What does this change mean? Players will get more optional content like minigames and secondary quests while the main plotline will be slightly bigger than before. So, nothing overly dramatic.

Let’s push the minigames theme further - I think of resurrecting the ”almost blackjack” card game from League of Corruption and giving it a few tweaks. Like a comprehensive set of rules for a start. Different players had varied experience with the game based on several factors like their familiarity with the original blackjack, expectations, etc. This time I’ll prepare a tutorial for a smoother start.

You can use it to get money, crafting ingredients and other useful stuff. Besides, it’s a great alternative to grinding even if the game doesn‘t push it to the extreme.

The second big point will be tech support. Some players reported strange problems with Yorna freezing or crashing randomly. Everything points out to a system-engine pair which is rather troublesome because it‘s hard to diagnose and fix. Still, I’ll try to find a way and do something about it, no promises though. I’m not a pro coder and if the problem really is in the engine, it will be a tough nut to crack.

I’ll do my best to finish with map updates in v0.5. Roughly half of the current locations got their updates in 0.4 yet I still have some work to do. For example, pine forest and desert zones need expanding so players could see exits and other interactive elements even with Ada’s sprite on the screen. I think it’s possible to wrap this up in the upcoming update and switch to other stuff.

You can expect more cutscenes and interactions with monster girls inside your castle. I’m thinking about adding more rooms for newcomers. Something like a dorm where you can talk to the girls and see how they are doing. We’ll see how this idea will evolve other the time.

Looks like that’s it for new features coming in Yorna v0.5 aside from spontaneous idea sparks like treasure hunting in v0.4
Nov 10, 2017

This time we have a really close fight for the 1st place. Tentamoss wins with 34 points while Lesser Devil is breathing down her neck with 33. 3rd place goes to Lilim with 13 points. Daemonete is 4th with 11 and Witch is close behind, sporting 10 points. The last place goes to Doppelganger - she has only 7 votes.

This time we updated the record with 58 votes total! Thanks for participation and stay tuned for upcoming updates.
Nov 10, 2017
I made a hotfixed version and updated all the links on the Patreon - a nasty typo sneaked into the release so I had to clear it up. Now mino scene and the dresses work fine. Sorry for the trouble.

Also, looks like the sidestep around the crashes doesn’t help at least in some cases. Guess I have to think about autosave feature to somewhat counter this problem while waiting for a real fix from the official tech support.
Nov 11, 2008
God dammit not a lights out puzzle again...
I assume you mean the one in the Minotaur cave? Because that one has me *quite* stymied. Just can't seem to wrap my head around it; not that I don't understand how it works, I just can't figure out the steps needed to get them all lit up, which I assume is what's needed to proceed.

EDIT: Regarding the random crashes, I typically only crash if 1) I just got done with a fight AND 2) I haven't saved in a while. Not sure if that helps, but that's been my experience with them.
Nov 10, 2017
God dammit not a lights out puzzle again...
I assume you mean the one in the Minotaur cave? Because that one has me *quite* stymied. Just can't seem to wrap my head around it; not that I don't understand how it works, I just can't figure out the steps needed to get them all lit up, which I assume is what's needed to proceed.

EDIT: Regarding the random crashes, I typically only crash if 1) I just got done with a fight AND 2) I haven't saved in a while. Not sure if that helps, but that's been my experience with them.
It's hard if you try to brute force it. Use the stone tablet close to the puzzle and follow its instructions to the letter. You will be amazed at how easy it is once you understand the logic :)
Nov 10, 2017

Version 0.5 turned out as a pretty beefy update both for tech and gameplay innovations. Since I really wanted to sidestep the issue with the crashes before Yorna will get some love from tech support, I focused on the logic parts. You can expect v0.6 to include more optional quests and activities. In fact, I’m thinking about adding a small quest system, more on this in the upcoming developer’s plans.

Yorna v0.5 is available here, give it a whirl!

Time to see what’s new aside from the usual story and puzzle package.

So, let’s start with the H content and the current update has 2 scenes with premium graphics – a new artist joined the art team and you can expect 3 scenes in the next update. Also, he did an amazing job with his first H event because it’s the biggest scene the game art-wise with almost no repetitive frames.

One of the H events involves some soft tentacle action, the other one – spanking. Both scenes have warnings (tentacle scene shares the choice with other tenta events) so you can skip them if you don’t like the kink. Gallery will allow you to check them out if you’ll reconsider later.

Gameplay functions and features

Since my first workaround for the crash problem didn’t help at least on some platforms, I decided to make an autosave feature. Each time you change a zone, the game will silently create or overwrite the data in 30th slot. Be careful and make use an alternative slot if 30th slot is used by one of your own files!

Otherwise, the process is completely hidden and non-disruptive. You may remember that the game places the cursor on the last slot you used manually – it stays the same way even with the new feature. While autosave doesn’t fix the crashes, at least it lessens progress loss.

I hope tech support will answer with something useful soon though. Don’t like such crap being a part of my game without any real way to fix it from user’s perspective.

Bla… I mean Eruvian Jack appears in Yorna. Functionally, it’s close to the blackjack card game with a few alterations. You can play for 100, 200 or 500 dragons, depending on who your opponent is.

In the current update, you can find 3 guys to play with. The restaurant in the village close to your castle will offer the first chance to try out the game. A bored hunter inside the lumberjack village can offer pelts instead of money for your winnings. And the last one is a trader – he’s inside new lounge area of your castle and offers to play for high stakes. Each of them will offer an option to check out a quick tutorial before diving in.

Ada can learn new potion recipes to brew by getting “Alchemy Secrets” book from cultist lair. Check out the puzzle for details. Oh, and don’t forget – using alchemy table in Ada’s room provides the cheapest prices for brewing potions. Of course, all other crafting pots will allow you to craft new potions too.

Skills and dresses

Reworked sneak mechanics. Now monsters ignore Ada’s presence on the map and roam around minding their own business. Bumping into them still triggers the prolonged “daze” effect but won’t force them to chase Ada. More like a shadow!

V0.5 introduces 3 new dresses with unique skills. You can get one from the final boss, one from Diana’s dress after clearing the chapter. Another one is hidden inside the caches, check the map guy in your castle.

Gallery update

Not an update per se but I decided to mention it here. Originally, I placed unique slutty/non-slutty frames inside galley’s CG mode. After a bit of thinking and gathering feedback, I decided to sync the frames with real scenes. This means you can check out all the CG frames in the CG mode – just as in the real H event, minus the text part. Sometimes it increased total frame count more than twice.

I’m thinking about adding more frames and giving some love to the older scenes during the next update, so give me a shout about the H event which you would like to see expanded/improved.

Castle upgrades/changes

As I already mentioned, you can expand your castle with a new zone – lounge. It will definitely attract more people with time and present another zone to check out for cutscenes with monster girls and other characters.

Reduced resources needed for initial castle repair to make the start smoother.

Interface changes

I fixed the option to delete your own saves, now it’s working as intended. Deleting an old file doesn’t force the game to crash or spit out an error. There are some ideas about improving the interface for the save/load screen but since they are based on RPG Maker’s core files, I decided to postpone them into v0.6.

Also, the inventory screen doesn’t allow the contents to spill over the menu frame. So, you shouldn’t see your items falling out of the bottom section of “on-map” menu. Works for both items and dresses/trinkets.

Misc/small/bugfix changes

Added more steps to Diana’s story so player progress between dresses bit by bit rather than getting most of them available for crafting after rebuilding the castle. Also, added a text block on the “certificate” tablet on the wall. Now the text block triggers even if you click on it with the cursor.

Some of the enemy’s attacks are no longer “silenceable” and some monsters received backup skills to use if Ada decides to play mean with silence effects.

Fixed some map tiles and geometry, added more space on the right side of most problematic maps (like the pine forest and gnoll desert). Now you can actually keep Ada’s image on and see where you are going. Some zones still need to be revised but they are okay-ish even now.

Added dynamic shadowing on most of the interior maps and zones without them. Looks like some locations won’t be able to support the feature due to tileset limitations but it’s nothing critical.

Fixed nereid’s lusty attack comment. Now it properly mentions her.

Moth’s scene now acknowledges the skip setting and allows to fast forward it to the last frame if you choose to do so through the options.

The “map guy” appears earlier in your castle. Now you can hunt for treasures earlier in the game to make the start easier. Also, I added some starting weapons inside the caches and lifted the restriction about unique weapons in your inventory. You can get more than one weapon in your loot. Sell anything you don’t need.

Allowed Leary to move wings during cutscenes. Now she no longer looks like a static image if you talk to her.

Regal dress no longer forces Ada’s face to disappear (cre~epy) and properly check for her lusty level. Its skill now properly buffs the player on use.
Agni the hellhound no longer appears after beating her in a boss fight.

Minotaur’s scene now properly adds exp points for the “Group Sex” skill. Affects both slutty and normal versions.

Birds no longer dive underwater lilies mid-flight. Yes, you read that right.

Smoothed over some dialogue cutscenes – fade-out effect for some scenes was too abrupt and fast. Now all of them should follow the same standard.

Fixed dialogue tags for some characters inside lumberjack village.


Whew! Well, this is the biggest changelog so far and I feel pretty happy about the new stuff you can try in v0.5. As always, you don’t like something in the game – tell me and if you like Yorna – tell your friends. Stay tuned for upcoming January -> February developer plans and monster girl poll for v0.6.
Nov 10, 2017
Let’s start with the new monster girl poll for the upcoming update. You can vote for your favorites here. Okay, now what can you expect aside from the usual story + puzzle combo?

I want to make update v0.6 about additional quest activities to tag along with the card game and treasure hunting from v0.5. Still drafting the detailed version of these quest lines but they will get a nice mix of humor, rewards for completion and perhaps even some influence on Yorna‘s endings. Putting a scene will be nice too yet finishing full quest chains with a decent amount of details will require more than one release.

The idea is to make two ”factions” with conflicting goals and give players a choice of supporting one of them or ignoring the opportunity. This activity will take Ada’s lewd stats into consideration, so you can expect different character reaction and ways to complete the quests.

The next big point will be the struggle against the crash problem. While I can’t directly fix the issue myself because it’s too deep in the engine core, I’ll do my best my pushing the tickets with respective tech support (nwjs + RPG Maker). Don’t think I’m forgetting about it.

v0.6 will receive 3 new H scenes if everything plays out alright during the production phase. 2 standard scenes for the boss and the monster girl, plus one extra for the mansion. Each of them will have normal and slutty variations as usual.

I’ll think about making some quality of life changes for the lab and other sections of the game. Something like an auto-stop for blackjack if you already have 21 points and there’s no point in taking another card. Save/Load menu can use a top to bottom switchover feature to use the autosave slot in a more convenient way and other small improvements.

Your lab will get several new enchantment options with rare materials like mithril ore and magic essence along with additional trinkets.

Thanks to your support we are getting closer to the second Patreon goal. This means I need to refresh and adjust the feature list to put inside the poll. Though, there’s little doubt which option will be the most popular :p The poll will use the same logic as any monster girl voting you saw so far. Either way, I’ll make an info post about it once we will be ready,

Oh, and for those players who struggle with the volcano floor puzzle - I’ll make a video solution on the weekend, yet I strongly recommend you to beat it on your own.

Feel free to contact me with any trouble you encounter in the game and stay tuned for further updates.
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